Exploding Kittens: A Review

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*Disclaimer: No REAL kittens were, are or in future, involved in the process of this review.

This project started on Kickstarter, an online platform which claims:

Our mission is to help bring creative projects to live.
Creators, be them artists, filmmakers, designers or even authors, post their projects on Kickstarter to get support and resources from just anywhere in the world.

Since our launch, on April 28, 2009, 9.9 million people have backed a project, $2.1 billion has been pledged, and 96,313 projects have been successfully funded.
And this Exploding Kittens is one of those projects, successfully funded, with amazing support.

What's even more amazing?

It's the most-backed project on Kickstarter! -Article link here

Created by Elan Lee + The Oatmeal + Shane Small, it's a card game, with glorious graphics of kittens and unusual game rules.

Here's my video, showing the First Edition deck and NSFW deck:

Apologies for low quality :'(

It is said that to learn how to play the game, easiest to watch their tutorial on their website, so here's the link!

P.S: Plus I would like to stop myself from story-telling how-to-play, believe me, it will be almost like a rant lecture. *angelic smile

Photo Gallery

My favourite card from the lot is, hands down, the Nope card. Lol. It's ingenious, I can stop all actions, except Defuse and Exploding Kitten. And it annoys other players. Lolol.

Coupled with the funny graphics, especially from the NSFW deck, I hope it spreads into Malaysia.

Oh decks are not mine, borrowed and played with le boyfriend. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This looked so much fun. I love cards game and the graphic is so good too.

    // afifahaddnan


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