KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

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Today's beauty product review is KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask from Japan.

It claims to relieve fatigue and get rid of dark circles by using steam at a temperature of 40 degrees.

There are 14 pieces in each boxes and comes in 5 variants: Unscented, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose and Ripe Yuzu.

I bought the Lavender variant to try out.

Info from Hermo

Usage is 10 minutes.

Cautions from Hermo:

1. Do not use if eye irritation or other eye diseases. Do not use this product with eye drops. 
2. Please remove contact lenses before use. 
3. Please remove eye makeup before use. 
4. This product temporarily relieves eye fatigue. Do not wear for a long time. 
5. Do not use with other goggles.

The individual packet

The eye mask has two sides, one is purple while the other is white.

Helpful ear holes so you can do it while sitting down.

Apply the white side of the eye mask onto the eyes, make sure to close them and adjust to fit the eye area.

My experience:

There was a lavender smell, not powerful but enough to notice. The eye mask material feels like cotton and the two heating patches started feeling warm after I took it out from the packet. After adjusting it to my eyes area, I felt the heat slowly increasing in the first 3 minutes. As the time passes, it was soothing as the steam envelopes my eyes.

After 10 minutes and removing the eye mask, my eyes felt less tired. Not sure if relax is the right word to use for eyes... Lol.

With the haze making eyes irritated, tired and dry, this steam eye masks do help. The heat doesn't make the eyes dry so don't worry. Instead, it does relieve fatigue as claimed. But my dark eye circles show no improvement. 

However, if you want to lie down or take a 10 minute nap, this is a good choice to pamper your eyes.

You can buy it from Hermo.

Thanks for reading, 


Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored. I bought it myself to try out.

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