Dear Diary #5

1:22 AM

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, 9th October 2015, I felt so frustrated.

Actually, I was happy throughout the evening as T-Chan bought salmon and tamago for my dinner.

So when I left the office, I felt excited.

He doesn't usually surprise me like this.

But happy mood spoiled because I saw a bitchy post on Facebook.

I don't understand her need to compare parenting styles. Not at all. Unless she thinks there's only ONE parenting style in this whole world. (Haven't heard of Tiger Mom maybe.)

Damn, type type until read again, I seemed to reveal too much.

Just, I can't understand the situation now.

It's horrible, it's depressing, it's stupid.

I don't like it as it doesn't only stress one person, it actually stresses the family.

Yes, we live the day like there's nothing but damn, one day sure erupt war!

Please lah, if either side won't take action, I might just go crazy and take drastic actions myself.

This stress is stupid, not worth my energy and time. Yet I have to go through it, even if it just brushes past me slightly.

Please, he's gone, with a bitch. They're both a jerk and a bitch.

So please, just delete them.

And me?

Yes, blood related but really, do I want poisonous people in my life?

The answer is No.

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