KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

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Today's beauty product review is KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask from Japan.

It claims to relieve fatigue and get rid of dark circles by using steam at a temperature of 40 degrees.

There are 14 pieces in each boxes and comes in 5 variants: Unscented, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose and Ripe Yuzu.

I bought the Lavender variant to try out.

Info from Hermo

Usage is 10 minutes.

Cautions from Hermo:

1. Do not use if eye irritation or other eye diseases. Do not use this product with eye drops. 
2. Please remove contact lenses before use. 
3. Please remove eye makeup before use. 
4. This product temporarily relieves eye fatigue. Do not wear for a long time. 
5. Do not use with other goggles.

The individual packet

The eye mask has two sides, one is purple while the other is white.

Helpful ear holes so you can do it while sitting down.

Apply the white side of the eye mask onto the eyes, make sure to close them and adjust to fit the eye area.

My experience:

There was a lavender smell, not powerful but enough to notice. The eye mask material feels like cotton and the two heating patches started feeling warm after I took it out from the packet. After adjusting it to my eyes area, I felt the heat slowly increasing in the first 3 minutes. As the time passes, it was soothing as the steam envelopes my eyes.

After 10 minutes and removing the eye mask, my eyes felt less tired. Not sure if relax is the right word to use for eyes... Lol.

With the haze making eyes irritated, tired and dry, this steam eye masks do help. The heat doesn't make the eyes dry so don't worry. Instead, it does relieve fatigue as claimed. But my dark eye circles show no improvement. 

However, if you want to lie down or take a 10 minute nap, this is a good choice to pamper your eyes.

You can buy it from Hermo.

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Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored. I bought it myself to try out.


Dear Diary #5

1:22 AM

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, 9th October 2015, I felt so frustrated.

Actually, I was happy throughout the evening as T-Chan bought salmon and tamago for my dinner.

So when I left the office, I felt excited.

He doesn't usually surprise me like this.

But happy mood spoiled because I saw a bitchy post on Facebook.

I don't understand her need to compare parenting styles. Not at all. Unless she thinks there's only ONE parenting style in this whole world. (Haven't heard of Tiger Mom maybe.)

Damn, type type until read again, I seemed to reveal too much.

Just, I can't understand the situation now.

It's horrible, it's depressing, it's stupid.

I don't like it as it doesn't only stress one person, it actually stresses the family.

Yes, we live the day like there's nothing but damn, one day sure erupt war!

Please lah, if either side won't take action, I might just go crazy and take drastic actions myself.

This stress is stupid, not worth my energy and time. Yet I have to go through it, even if it just brushes past me slightly.

Please, he's gone, with a bitch. They're both a jerk and a bitch.

So please, just delete them.

And me?

Yes, blood related but really, do I want poisonous people in my life?

The answer is No.

Movie review

The Martian

12:00 AM


Last Tuesday, 29 Sept 2015, I got to watch the premiere screening of The Martian at GSC, One Utama! Official screening starts from 1 Oct so I was really excited to catch it before the masses do. Lol. #NNPremiereScreening

A bit intro of how I got my pair of premiere tickets first because it took a lot of explaining to my friends. He got his passes from an Instragram contest, which will be in another story.

I'm using Dayre mostly because it's installed on my phone which I bring mostly everywhere. #whodoesntnow

ChurpChurp and Nuffnang frequently hold contests on their sites for the premiere screening tickets. Previously, it was done by commenting on the respective blogs. Now, I noticed that they seem to be migrating to Dayre. I find that really convenient as I can see the question and think of the answer  before reading their site. If I'm stumped and need ideas, I scan through their blogs. That helps because they present it excitingly. :D

So I posted my answer on my Dayre, copy the URL link and submit in their respective blogs.

At this moment, they have another premiere screening, Goosebumps. So do join!

For The Martian, I won VIP tickets from Nuffnang. Got a bit confused when I got their email because I actually won from ChurpChurp first. After clarification, the Nuffnang one was VIP tickets for best seats. Lol. And the cinema hall was huge so luckily my date and I got those seats. #NNVIP

Okay, prelude done. Let's move on to the movie review! #TheMartian


What's the worst thing to happen to an astronaut?
Source: Nuffnang


Left behind on an inhabitable planet with a very slim chance of being rescued. #CaptainObvious

Well, that happened to Mark Watney (Matt Damon).

The movie begins with the six crews doing their respective tasks on Mars.

Suddenly a sand storm was detected and the crews were told to leave the planet as it turned out to be a fierce storm.

On their way, Mark Watney got hit by a broken equipment and disappeared from his team. Commander Lewis tried to find him but failed as his signal was lost. Guiltily, they left Mars, assuming Mark as dead.

As the world back on Earth announce his death, Mark got awoken by the beeping of his suit.

Hurriedly, he went back into the cabin and self-medicated his wound.

Erm this part was a gory bit for me because of the blood. Even now remembering that scene, I think I will faint instead of self-medicate. (>-<)"

Mark manages to stop the blood flow and considers his circumstances. After recording a video log, he records his food rations and finds out that it will not last enough until the next Mars mission.

Faced with limited food and resources, he must think of a way to increase the food supply.

Proudly, he boasts as being a botanist and his idea of growing potatoes.

And what do plants need to grow? Lol.

This part was interesting as Mark uses the simple science we actually know but wouldn't apply until we get left behind on a planet. 

...yeah, so continuing.

For fertilizer, since Mars is dry maybe there aren't any minerals or nutrients in its sand, Mark brilliantly uses human shit. Or poo. Or biology waste of humans. However you want to word it. 

Oh I didn't know that it got vacuum packed, thought it would just drop to the ground there. Lol. Luckily didn't so Mark can use for fertilizer.

Okay, what else... sunlight, a lot, it's quite bright there.

Oxygen and water!

Ah here so tricky to explain. Oxygen got, his cabin, for them to breathe. The water part I can't explain. I was lost in whatever Mark said about making water.

Erm, well, what happen was he got some type of gas, lighted a fire, then boom! First experiment to create water. Lol.

Next try, he succeeded. Oh I left some parts here about him putting up plastic (?), circling the mini garden.

So he created a constant supply of water for the plants.

And they grew!

It was amazing to see that first leaf. Lol. Never thought I'll be happy to see green, exception for this since it's for survival. :P

By this time, Mark still can't contact Earth or anyone.

However, back in NASA, they noticed the movement of the Rover and wondered if he was alive.

In comes Pathfinder from the 1990s Mars expedition (I'm roughly guessing here) and Mark also finds the one that was buried on Mars.

After supplying the power, the Pathfinder functions and Mark was able to send a message to Earth.

Hilarious as he pokes fun, finally being able to contact someone.

As they plan a rescue mission for him, the other 5 crews were not told. Mark curses at  them and well, cinema goers, expect silent moments. Lol. Makes it more amusing guessing what swears he used but most probably the F. Lolol.

Time goes on and they decided to send rations to him first before the rescue mission. However, in their rush, the ship failed.

Another bad news before that?

The cabin door blew apart and the plants were exposed to the Mars' atmosphere. All the plants perished.
Source: Nuffnang
I felt so sad when this happened. *Sniff

Mark had to face a new challenge, survive on his limited rations (again), until his team come to fetch him.

His team have agreed to a plan of going slingshot using Earth's gravity and something from China's scientist (correct me if I'm wrong, my memory fails me sometimes) then picking him up as he floats above Mars, after they launch him up using... errr... space ship that was supposed to be for the next mission. Lol. There was a part about Mark being a space pirate.

Conclusion, Mark was rescued dramatically. 

The End.

And yeah, I have successfully forgotten how to write the ending. Lol. But dramatically is dramatically, take my word for that. 



Well, I think better to watch the movie yourself because this movie is worth it!

Go 3D and I bet you won't regret it.

Okay, scenes I like would be when he wanted to create more water. That was really interesting though I forgot the exact process how. Lol.

Gonna find the book after this.

Once again, thank you, Nuffnang Malaysia and Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia for this premiere screening. :)

Thanks for reading.


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