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I won a pair of premiere screening from ChurpChurp for the newest sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2! Also thanks to Sony Pictures (Malaysia). :)

Source: ChurpChurp Blog

Of course, I dragged my loyal T-Chan along for the premiere, he was excited to watch it. So I was really happy that I won the tickets.

Now let me jot down a review for this movie.

Expect to see the monsters from Hotel Transylvania back in action, with a few new members, including the cutest, most adorable grandson, Dennis AKA Denniscovich (by Papa Drac). Lol.

Movie starts with a wedding between Mavis, the vampire and Jonathan/ Johnny, the human. A brief comedy ensues as Johnny's human family attends the wedding. Nothing short of culture clash as the humans versus monsters, especially when food is concerned.

Pssst, the wedding cake can wail!

One year later, Mavis announces to Drac that she is pregnant. The baby is born, with a striking hair-do and the loveliest eyes.

Few years passed and it is almost Dennis' 5 year old birthday.

Vampa Drac is getting fidgety, is his adorable grandson a vampire or yikes! Pure human??

Cunningly, he got Johnny to bring Mavis to Santa Cruz, to see if the human world would suit Dennis, if he turns out to be human. Enlisting his friends, Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin, he puts Dennis through a monster-in-training boot camp.

Hilarious as the monsters are also no exception to age! Think of fatigue, losing the touch and back pain. And also how monsters aren't as scary as they used to be to humans. Lol.

As a last resort, Vampa Drac brings them all to his summer camp, a supposedly scary camp for vampires.

However, the camp has been transformed. No more catching mice, no more scary by-the-camp-fire songs and especially, no more being thrown from the tallest rickety wooden tower.

Vampa Drac insisted that Dennis is a vampire hence he throws Dennis off the tower. But as the joyful screams turn into a panicky yell, Vampa Drac rushes to the rescue.

Hilarity ensues as the tower falls down, right into the camp fire, Frank on fire, runs wildly through every cabin! Lol.

Meanwhile, Mavis finds herself feeling weird in the human world. Johnny's Mom, in her effort to make Mavis comfortable, strikes off as bringing out the contrast instead. As Johnny tries to cheer Mavis out, he unwittingly shows a video. A video about a cool but crazy vampire trying to fly, which happens to be Dennis falling down and Vampa Drac.

Mavis pounces on the similarity and immediately calls Vampa Drac. She rushes to the airport with Johnny, finds out that there is no direct flight and decides to turn bat and fly back,

Vampa Drac, after hanging up on Mavis, quickly heads back to the Hotel. Arriving at the hotel, Mavis was already waiting for them all.

Angrily, she declared that after the birthday celebration, she will move out with Dennis.

On that day, while having the birthday party, Mavis mentions about inviting Great Grandpa Vlad, Vampa Drac's father. Knowing how old, old school he is Vampa Drac warns Johnny about keeping the humans hidden.

Grandpa Vlad arrives with a friend, as old school as he is. Together with Vampa Drac, they decided to scare Dennis to make his fangs pop out. By using Dennis' favourite monster, Kakie.

As the scary versions of it continue, Dennis gets scared. Vampa Drac, unable to bear Dennis' cries, stops the play. A quarrel starts as Mavis is shocked with the plan. Dennis leaves the hotel, unable to understand why he can't stay if he is human. One of the werewolves puppy, Winnie follows and brings him to a tree house.

Vampa Drac decides that it doesn't matter if Dennis is pure human, Dennis is still the most adorable grandson. Mavis is touched by her father's words.

Suddenly, they noticed Dennis' absence and the whole hotel searches for him.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Vlad's old school friend, was furious with the humans. He catches Dennis and Winnie. As he bullies them and strikes Winnie down, Dennis got so angry that his fangs pop out.

It was funny and good old action watching Dennis turn into a bat and punching the evil monster.

Vampa Drac and Mavis were so proud, Vampa Drac especially.

Dennis hears the evil monster's gang coming and goes into action, followed by Vampa Drac and Mavis. The fight was hilarious. Definitely must watch! Lol.

As the fight finishes, the evil monster made a last ditch effort to strike Johnny. But Grandpa Vlad stops him and declares that no one will hurt his family.

Back at the hotel, the party continues. Watch how wonky the dances by Johnny, Dennis, Grandpa Vlad and Vampa Drac. Lol.

The End

P.S: Don't worry, I left out some interesting parts from the movie, To fully enjoy it, watch it!

This movie is a fun family movie, with its own brand of scary songs, even twisting the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lullaby. Lol.

Love how cute Dennis is and how doting a grandfather Vampa Drac can be.

Now in cinema starting today, don't miss this exciting movie!

Thanks for reading!

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