Eucerin 7-Day Special Roadshow

7:00 PM


Today I decided to check out Eucerin Roadshow happening at Mid Valley.

Free gifts based on amount spent

The roadshow is from 21st until 27th September, the last day being tomorrow.

One of the helpful staff analysed my skin on the spot.

I found out that overall, my skin is in Grade B and surprise surprise, my major concern is pigmentation.

That totally surprised me as I assumed that being fair skin, I won't face that problem.

Plus the skin analysis can also be viewed in 3D.

....A bit glad that I didn't take any pictures but regret as well since I could refer back. Oh well, those 3D aren't pretty to look at. Seriously, feel like I become an evil monster, worst from those Hotel Transylvania!

The staff recommended that I use whitening products due to the pigmentation.

Really, I feel like the underlying lava, just waiting to erupt onto the surface; those analysis. Lol.

I bought the box set, which has Day Cream, Night Cream and Spot Corrector (RM158.80), Active Concentrate Serum (RM57.80) and Clarifying Toner (RM34.80). 

I was actually about to settle with buying only the box set but the serum attracted me. The last time I used a serum was 2,3 years back, Nanowhite brand. I discontinued because honestly, I got lazy. It is so much easier to just cleanse the face and apply moisturizer. 

But the skin analysis is really an eye opener. 

I have large pores (I know this, obviously can be seen) but pigmentation?!

Okay, okay, maybe I have because I see no reason to apply sunblock.

...yea, I am very lazy to apply sunblock, I horribly dislike applying it because mostly it feels...weird for me. It's watery then the more you rub, it gets dry. And I don't really like it being whitish grey too. Lol. I sound like a kid. Anyway, I got a sunblock from Hermo but that's for another post. Moving on~

My purchase was slightly above RM250 so I received a Day Fluid, Cleanser and Concentrated Serum.

I also received a polka dots cosmetic pouch and the grey drawstring bag.

The box set is a good purchase as I got the day and night cream, which if retailed separately, can cost about RM150++.

The roadshow ends this Sunday so if you're curious about your skin, go to Mid Valley Lower Ground Concourse Area!

I will post product reviews later.

Thanks for reading!

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