Dear Diary #4

12:54 AM

Dear Diary,

This month has been a restless month, not physically but not mentally too.

I can't say mentally because I'm not really tired in my brain.

It's just that I have been thinking a lot.

I'm thankful that T-Chan somehow doesn't act childish.

But sometimes he doesn't read properly and jumps to assumption.

And I really dislike assumptions.

It's being judgemental.

And sometimes I remembered incidents just like that, how people around me made assumptions.

It was horrible.

And I'm going through it again because of a choice I made.

People assuming it isn't my best choice, people actually implying it's my worst choice.

But really, how can they know it's my worst choice?

I hate them. 

I wish I can just smack their brains because of how narrow their mind is.

Instead of thinking they know what's best, just because they lived longer than me, just because they have experienced more than me...

Really, they didn't live my life, what do they know?

One of them takes the winning ovation though.

For she's a bitchy old hag.

For the record, I have made a point on myself to never complain until to the point I can have a breakdown.

But when I do complain, it isn't because I wanted to.

It's because that's the truth.

Yeah, I'm not slow but the damn bullshit circumstances made me slow, old hag.

And you reprimanded me by saying I'm slow.

Really, I hate you the most.

*I feel so much better after typing this. Lol. Still, that bitchy old hag is the worst ever!

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