Dear Diary #3

11:35 PM


So, how has my life been so far eh?

Well, for one thing, colleagues at work have been asking me, how do I find my new post so far..

Lol. I asked to be transferred from Research to Valuation.

To clarify, research work was okay, knowledge wise, I knew how to work on Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel way better than in my university years. Surprise, surprise!

I like the work.

But that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing that makes me go on fire, nothing that sets me pumping adrenaline into my system.

Somehow along the way, I felt I dropped into a routine and the work seemed to turn into the same process.

Do a slide, get information, call people, bla bla bla. The excitement I had in the beginning petered off; I was no longer interested in it. Plus I felt unmotivated by some incidents which I strongly felt was unjustifiable. But what am I to say? My paycheck depends on me being good. I have yet to see a direct rebellious coworker even.

So yeah, I asked to be transferred, which by the way, isn't the whole truth, but what the hell, I might get snide remarks if I tell the whole truth. Yes, that's my work life. Snide remarks which they thought won't hurt anyone. Lol.

Anyway, I kinda like this new post, as a Valuation Executive. I have to re-learnt some basics but once I get the gist of the process, I strive.

Just another thing that has been nagging me, either to get registered or not.

Truthfully, I don't vision myself in this career for the long run, not when I have mild interest in it. Not when I don't care where that area is or what road is that.

In a way, I am just living in this job to pay debts. Lol.


I still have that regret of not choosing my university course as I wish. Wtf. Not sure how long this regret will hold on.

Maybe, just maybe I should just drop this all and chase my passion.

Yeah right, and grow gold on trees to pay debt. Lol.

Hmmm, or devise a saving for 5 years, quit then chase my dream career...

Signing out to plan!
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