Paper Towns

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Movie Review for this month is Paper Towns.

I watched the premiere screening on 21st July with T-Chan, thanks to ChurpChurp.

This movie is based on a 2008 novel by John Green. Directed by Jake Schreier, this is about a childhood crush by Quentin 'Q' Jacobsen (Nat Wolff) for his neighbour, Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne).

I will do my own review of the movie. If you prefer, you can read this link Wikipedia instead.


I typed so long until damn lazy already and also it was me telling the whole movie. Spoiler much! Wtf.

Anyway, long story short, Margo disappears but leaves clues.

Q follows the clues, joined by his friends.

They managed to find out Margo's current whereabouts, in a paper town.

Q meets her.

And well, nothing developed. I mean, they didn't embrace each other with kisses. Lol.

Honestly, I expected a happy ending, those cliche both love each other plot.

This movie isn't that. It isn't 100% romance. It is 100% teenagers growing up into adults. Lol.

In a way, both characters strike deep, Q and Margo.

Q, being the always-follow-the-plan type of guy. He has everything laid out and wouldn't want to risk it.

Margo, being the free-spirited young woman, not bound by the norms.

When Q found her and how Margo reacted, it was kinda like a reality check.

But if I see it from another angle, Q had fun! He actually drove far, skipped school and still in time for prom. A bit sad for the heart but something worth to remember was during the trip.

And Margo is Margo.

That's all.

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25/7/15 Original Skin Workshop by Origins Malaysia

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As I have told in an earlier post just before this one, there was a workshop by Origins Malaysia at The Gardens outlet last Saturday.

At Origins outlet in The Gardens

Workshop started at 11am. I got a call the day before, informing me to arrive early, around 10.45am. I'm proud to boast that I arrived exactly at that time. *achievement unlocked LOL.

Poster showed the two new products to help against #QuarterLifeCrisis skin~

Products display table

Original Skin Renewal Serum

Original Skin Retexturizing Mask

Ingredients in Original Skin products

An App for you to win a free full-sized  Original Skin Serum!

Currently only available for Apple Store, will soon be available for Android as well.

Props and refreshment drinks

Get Your Daily Glow Back, Girl! Lol.

Refreshment was a Kiwi+Strawberry combi. Absolutely refreshing and delicious! Almost tempted me for a second bottle....

Okay, now for testing of the two new products!

First, the helpful staff applied an amount of the Original Skin Mask on the back of our palm.
While dabbing it around a bit, I noticed mini beads, you can see it also in the above photo.

Texture was like soft clay with a rose scent. Truly lovable scent for me. *Dreamy eyes

Next was the Original Skin Serum.

It was light yet not too watery. Quick absorption, leaving the skin soft and a lovely rose scent.

I received samples of the two products to try at home. :)

Besides introducing the two Original Skin products, we were also informed of the current 5 mask products that Origins have in the market.

Currently, I have one mask, Drink Up 10 Mins Mask, used when I need that instant hydration.

The other 4 are Out of Trouble, Clear Improvement, Drink Up Intensive and GinZing.

There are also two masks under Dr Andrew Weil, which are Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask and Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask.

After the workshop, we can choose one of the 5 masks that Origins have in store. Yay to a free full-sized mask!

I chose this GinZing mask.

Staff recommended to apply it after cooling it first in the fridge.

I can imagine the instant chill of that. Lol. Haven't tried it out, been busy with stuff.

We would also receive a three-travel-size Origins product if we purchase above RM180 during that day.

The three products are Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion, GinZing Moisturizer and Checks and Balances Face Cleanser. I have tried the two last products; the moisturizer finished already.

So I got this new baby!

Never too early to start anti-aging product, ladies!

I can't remember the exact price of the two Original Skin products but it was both priced below RM200. Currently only available at the Gardens outlet, will soon be in other outlets.

For the Powerful Lifting Cream, it was RM270. Review of product in another blog post next month.

Altogether, during the workshop, I learned how to multi-mask, which mask for the targeted areas and upward face massage. Lol. Heard but damn lazy to do.

Thanks for having the workshop, Origins Malaysia.

To readers, thank you for reading this post!


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Exclusive Preview of the new Original Skin from Origins

12:00 PM


I was looking through my notifications in Facebook and I found out about this Exclusive Preview by Origins Malaysia.

Details of Exclusive Preview:

  • Date: 25th July 2015
  • Time: 11am
  • Venue: Origins outlet, The Gardens
  • Payment: RM50 voucher

From the picture above, there will be two products: a mask and serum.

'Original Skin contains ingredients that can help revitalise your skin, giving back its youthful glow.' 

To attend the preview, you just need to purchase a RM50 voucher to confirm your spot. Plus, you get to select a free, full-sized Origins mask. The voucher is valid for any Origins product, to be used on the event day.

Attached is the receipt, to be keyed in on the event date itself.

For more details of this preview, please contact Origins Malaysia.


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Dear Diary #3

11:35 PM


So, how has my life been so far eh?

Well, for one thing, colleagues at work have been asking me, how do I find my new post so far..

Lol. I asked to be transferred from Research to Valuation.

To clarify, research work was okay, knowledge wise, I knew how to work on Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel way better than in my university years. Surprise, surprise!

I like the work.

But that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing that makes me go on fire, nothing that sets me pumping adrenaline into my system.

Somehow along the way, I felt I dropped into a routine and the work seemed to turn into the same process.

Do a slide, get information, call people, bla bla bla. The excitement I had in the beginning petered off; I was no longer interested in it. Plus I felt unmotivated by some incidents which I strongly felt was unjustifiable. But what am I to say? My paycheck depends on me being good. I have yet to see a direct rebellious coworker even.

So yeah, I asked to be transferred, which by the way, isn't the whole truth, but what the hell, I might get snide remarks if I tell the whole truth. Yes, that's my work life. Snide remarks which they thought won't hurt anyone. Lol.

Anyway, I kinda like this new post, as a Valuation Executive. I have to re-learnt some basics but once I get the gist of the process, I strive.

Just another thing that has been nagging me, either to get registered or not.

Truthfully, I don't vision myself in this career for the long run, not when I have mild interest in it. Not when I don't care where that area is or what road is that.

In a way, I am just living in this job to pay debts. Lol.


I still have that regret of not choosing my university course as I wish. Wtf. Not sure how long this regret will hold on.

Maybe, just maybe I should just drop this all and chase my passion.

Yeah right, and grow gold on trees to pay debt. Lol.

Hmmm, or devise a saving for 5 years, quit then chase my dream career...

Signing out to plan!
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200615 Sneak Preview Blogger's Party with Nexus Clinic

10:00 AM


Heard of Nexus Clinic?

No? Haven't?

It's the new aesthetic wing of Mediviron UOA. Previously, aesthetic procedures were done at Mediviron UOA. I did my aesthetic treatments there last year (SP: Mediviron UOA, SP: Mediviron UOA Part II, & SP: Mediviron UOA III).

So this aesthetic clinic has been around since 2001, not suddenly pop out one okay. :P Now it has its own place/venue/unit? Lol. In other words, Nexus Clinic is located near to Mediviron UOA, on the same floor but through different doors. #pun Geddit? #lamepun 

Location is damn strategic; if you enter KLCC from Jalan Pinang, the one near Aquaria, this clinic is on Lower Ground of Wisma UOA II, which is across the road.

What does this clinic offer?

It provides a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced and safe laser treatments. More details about the treatments, do refer to Nexus Clinic.

Nexus Clinic is headed by Dr Jasmine Ruth Yuvarani and with all their highly experienced medical aesthetic specialist doctors and staff, you will surely be confident about your treatment options.

So what happened during the Sneak Preview on 20th June?

Source: Nexus Clinic

Listening to Dr Jasmine as she introduced Nexus Clinic. Spot me? :D

Source: Nexus Clinic

Seeing Gold/Yellow?

Dress code of the day was that! Lol.

Plus that was my first ever yellow sweater.. Thanks a lot, Nexus Clinic, for making me pick up that colour. #amused

Source: Nexus Clinic

Bloggers were brought for a tour in the new clinic and we got to hear about the latest and most effective advances in body contouring- Zeltiq CoolSculpting. FDA approved, it is an alternative to liposuction and being non-surgical, you can continue your daily routine without any downtime or recovery period. A demo session by a volunteer showed how the CoolSculpting device was applied to the targeted area to destroy unwanted fat cells without any harm to the skin.

Other procedures available are:
  • Face Rejuvenation
  • Weight Loss Programme
  • Hair Removal
  • Pigmentation/Acne Scar
  • Anti-Ageing Treatments

Next - Bonus Hour!

Lucky bloggers were given special gifts for FREE during this event: Injectable fillers worth RM2,200. Using Juvederm's injectable dermal fillers, also known as hyaluronic acid fillers, the treatment helps to create volume beneath facial skin, along with collagen, elastin and fat cells, giving you a younger appearance.

A special cocktail was served by the Easy123 Health drink stall, which contained vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. This health drink has beetroot, aloe vera and apple fibre; yummy!

This box has 30 packets.

How the packet looked like.

Yummy cocktail with healthy ingredients!

There was also a Speedy Treasure Hunt! 10 sets to find and I couldn't find any. Lol. Clever Nexus Clinic, very good at hiding treasure.

Source: Nexus Clinic

Speedy Treasure Hunt Prize: Elixir Mini Starter Kit

Elixir is Nexus Clinic's own range of skin care, which has Cleanser, Repair, Eye Serum, Moist, Vita C and Sun Shield.

What's a dress code without Best Dress Award?

Source: Nexus Clinic

The elegant lady who won Best Dress.

To round up the party, photo session!

Source: Nexus Clinic

For more photos of the event, head on to Nexus Clinic Sneak Preview Blogger Party.

Bloggers were presented with goody-bags worth RM350, among which included a selected Elixir range of skin care. I will update the goodies; reviewing them at the moment. ;)

Afterwards, we had a Buka Puasa with everyone. I managed to get a bite but had to rush for another dinner with my friend at KLCC.

Altogether, it was an enjoyable party and I had fun seeking treasure.

Nexus Clinic is currently having a promotion until the end of July.

Source: Nexus Clinic

Reception area looks damn chic okay.

Nexus Clinic
LG 10, Wisma UOA II,
No. 21, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel. No.: 03-2163 5699

Thank you for reading. Bye~

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