Product Review: Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

12:00 PM


I got my first kinda luxe lipstick! Wtf.

A Chanel lipstick IS a luxe right? Lol. 

Pst.. it was a gift too. #happy

Packaging as the box above

The trademark Chanel logo on top of the lid.

The lipstick looks elegant with the shining black exterior and polished gold band in the middle. 

It's like screaming "I'm sexy and I know it." :D

Swatch on my back hand

The colour is a glorious red and there's a slight perfume, nothing over though and I love it.

Honestly, it is my first red lipstick and worried how to wear it. Lol.

Still, turned out looking great plus it was long lasting!

I got it during my Japan trip last April (in process of drafting that post... :')).

In Malaysia, you can find it in Chanel stores, think the price around RM100++. 

Get Gabrielle! Lol.

Will do a full makeup post with the lipstick next month.

For other shades, you can view here: Chanel Malaysia official website

Thanks for reading. Bye.
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