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Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Limited Edition Sunset in Salina & Swimming in Lipari

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Press Release

A return to the Aeolian Islands and the symbol of Sicily’s sea and Mediterranean summers, fascinating contrasts of rocky landscapes and luscious greenery, deep blue sea and pristine white beaches, come two new limited editions of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue : Sunset in Salina for women and Swimming in Lipari for men.
Sunset in Salina

Swimming in Lipari

Salina is the greenest of the islands, the most fertile, and the richest in bodies of water. In this Mediterranean garden of Eden grow the vines producing a prized variety of Malvasia, Sicily’s sweet wine.
Lipari is the largest and most dazzling of the islands. A lively place with a stretch of fine pumice-stone sand contrasts with the island’s vibrant green backdrop. An homage to perfection, accentuated by the sweet and spicy fragrances of the island’s local delicacies.
Both fragrances evoke the pure and joyful soul of Mediterranean summer, releasing all of its warmth and energy.
Sunset in Salina is a fresh floral fragrance.  It is the soft, heady delight of a glass of Malvasia wine sipped at sunset on a freesia lined terrace.  The fragrance opens with the aroma of fresh Vine Leaves which hold within them all the magic and fertility of the land, fused with the brightness of Violet Leaves. The dry down of the fragrance is a warm embrace of Ambery notes, Cedarwood and White Musky notes.
Water is the dominant theme in Swimming in Lipari - this joyful fragrance for men, which is as fresh as diving into the clear, crisp water of the Mediterranean. An Aromatic Water fragrance, it is characterised by the Sea Salt accord, and enhanced by the juicy aroma of Grapefruit. At the dry down of the fragrance is the strongest and most masculine part - complex notes of Ambergris, Dry Woods and Musky notes.
The amber orange of Malvasia in Sunset in Salina, is the colour of the fragrance and also its packaging.  The sunset on the island seems to leap out from the box, in its harmony of light and shade.

Swimming in Lipari captures the fragrance’s dazzling aquatic personality, in the image of the white, pumice-stone beach at Acquacalda running along the bottom of the outer packaging.

The limited edition Light Blue Sunset in Salina and Swimming in Lipari join the rest of the Light Blue family, presented by the images from the iconic campaign featuring models Bianca Balti and David Gandy. The two faces of the campaign were shot in the Capri sea by Mario Testino and appear in the TV advertisement.

Sunset in Salina Pour Femme
Eau de Toilette 25 ml RM 207
Eau de Toilette 50 ml RM 287
Eau de Toilette 100 ml RM 384

Swimming in Lipari Pour Homme
Eau de Toilette 40 ml   RM 199
Eau de Toilette 75 ml   RM 253
Eau de Toilette 125 ml RM 350

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Limited Edition Sunset in Salina Pour Femme and Swimming in Lipari Pour Homme will be available from June 2015 at leading department stores and perfumeries.

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Product Review: Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

12:00 PM


I got my first kinda luxe lipstick! Wtf.

A Chanel lipstick IS a luxe right? Lol. 

Pst.. it was a gift too. #happy

Packaging as the box above

The trademark Chanel logo on top of the lid.

The lipstick looks elegant with the shining black exterior and polished gold band in the middle. 

It's like screaming "I'm sexy and I know it." :D

Swatch on my back hand

The colour is a glorious red and there's a slight perfume, nothing over though and I love it.

Honestly, it is my first red lipstick and worried how to wear it. Lol.

Still, turned out looking great plus it was long lasting!

I got it during my Japan trip last April (in process of drafting that post... :')).

In Malaysia, you can find it in Chanel stores, think the price around RM100++. 

Get Gabrielle! Lol.

Will do a full makeup post with the lipstick next month.

For other shades, you can view here: Chanel Malaysia official website

Thanks for reading. Bye.
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Press Release

James Bond 007 for Women

10:00 AM

Press Release

007 for Women EDP 75ml

James Bond 007 fragrances announce the launch of their female line with 007 for Women, a new exciting moment for Bond fans worldwide.  The powerful female counterpart to the three existing male fragrances in the 007 collection was inspired by the iconic women found in Bond’s seductive and daring world.
007 for Women is ‘dangerously seductive’. An intoxicating combination of intellect and enigmatic allure, the Bond Woman’s personality enchants everyone she meets. Eloquent, witty, courageous and uncommonly beautiful, her captivating charm is desirable and dangerous in equal measure that no man – not even James Bond - can resist her!

Many iconic actresses have shaped the Bond film world over the years, interpreting the multifaceted character of the Bond Woman with impeccable savoir-faire and inspiring generations of women around the world.  Caterina Murino in her role as Solange in 2006’s critically acclaimed Casino Royale, proves that she has a natural ability to portray the strength and intrigue of the modern Bond Woman; making Caterina the perfect ambassador for the 007 for Women fragrance.
Her exquisite black silk-satin gown takes great prominence in the campaign. Designed exclusively by award-winning 007 costume designer Lindy Hemming, it is seen flowing over Caterina’s body and draped low at the back, enhancing the fine game of seduction. The dress also features black Swarovski beading as a stylistic reference to the perfume flacon’s style cues.

The fragrance is a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance. Its appeal lies in its rich, strong and tenacious character, projecting a sense of effortless elegance, strong personality and the olfactive dream of escaping to another world.
Dark yet feminine ingredients convey an air of thrilling intimacy.  An initial burst of spicy Black Pepper enveloped in Rose Milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality.  Alongside this, the familiar fruity character of Blackberry is combined with the feminine softness of White Floral Jasmine.  The rich, sensual drydown, which is the key to any Oriental signature is driven by Black Vanilla and tantalizing White Musk, with a touch of elegant Cedarwood. 
The flacon is a highly reflective dark glass  mirroring the Bond Woman contradictory characteristics. 
The diamond-cut pattern on the bottle surface signals an evolution from the texture of the original male Signature bottle, taking in rounded, feminine cues. Multifaceted planes create a kaleidoscopic effect on the bottle’s surface, reminiscent of  imagery seen in the opening sequences of classic Bond films as well as in the fragrance TV campaign ad.
The shapely collar of the bottle recalls a woman’s seductive décolleté, marked with a contrasting rose gold trim.
Body Lotion 150ml

Available in May 2015 at perfumeries and leading department stores.

Eau de Parfum : 30 ml (RM100), 50 ml (RM140), 75 ml (RM180)
Body Lotion: 150 ml (RM40)

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