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Gucci’s Flora fragrances unfold a new chapter in the captivating story of the iconic Flora print.
The Gucci Flora fragrance collection is refreshed.  At the heart of this story is a protagonist who holds an extraordinary link to the Flora icon. Charlotte Casiraghi is the face of Gucci Flora fragrances. Her inextricable connection to the Flora print is part of its allure, because the legendary design was first created in 1966 – in a specially-designed scarf - for her grandmother, H.H. Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. 
Ms Casiraghi embodies what Flora is to generations of Gucci women. The spellbinding Flora print is a timeless icon passed on and cherished from one generation to another.  The Flora icon has come full circle.  Holding a special bond with Flora, Charlotte Casiraghi is the perfect ambassador – refreshing the Flora icon into a modern new generation statement. 
Delicate and whimsical, the original Flora print blooms are the legacy of an enchanting print that has withstood the test of time. The new packaging of each fragrance represent the generations of women who have fallen under its spell.
The Flora fragrance reveals the flowers resplendent in the Flora pattern, and the bouquet of exquisite scents each have a variation of the classic Flora flacon, with its Flora script logo, black cap and bamboo-beaded cord bow. All scents are wrapped in bold, vibrant packaging, where petals and blooms radiate with color. 

Available at leading department stores and perfumeries from May 2015.

The Line-Up :
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia 50 ml                            RM 292
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia 100 ml                          RM 419
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Body Lotion 200ml       RM 173
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia 30 ml                         RM 237
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia 50 ml                         RM 292
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia 100 ml                        RM 419
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia Body Lotion 200 ml   RM 173
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose 30 ml                             RM 237
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose 50 ml                             RM 292
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose 100 ml                           RM 419
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose Body Lotion 200 ml      RM 173
Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin 50 ml                             RM 292
Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin 100 ml                           RM 419
Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin Body Lotion 200 ml      RM 173
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