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10:32 AM

Uh oh....

My dear blog has been forsaken for more than one month, counting from my latest post. Sumimasen! (>.<)/

I have reasons for this long absence, one being swamped at work with survey results entry. Trust me, when you have shitloads of typing to do, you won't even feel like typing a blog post. Survey results are the mother of evil to blogging. But I stand to be corrected if there are any data entry who manages to juggle blogging..

Seriously, tell me the secret for that and I'll give you gold! Lol. Kidding, I don't have gold plated jewelry even!

Okay, just to tell the world and boasting just a tiny bit... I went to Japan, my dream country last week!

Yay! One off my bucket list but I didn't get to the places I wanted to go. More to because I didn't plan the trip, I literally followed people. Lol.

I will be blogging about that, once I retrieve my laptop charger from T-Chan who asked me to bring my laptop to Japan. Yep, I had my phone, iPad and laptop to Japan. Talk about being technology attached. Not my fault that he still needs to be connected to his work. -.-" The life of a self-employed businessman. 

Well, not any different than a company, to be honest. Even a friend of mine works like he is a businessman, the way his whatsApp is always swamped with 'business'.

Hell, work time is 9am-5.30pm but some jerks just won't let life go on. I repeat, jerks. Please respect my quality of life and yours as well. I don't think you would like a message relating to work at 7pm, even if it is a weekday. Or if you want to be a workaholic, go and don't involve others or expect others to be as well. Shame on these jerk workaholics. Or horror of horrors, they aren't workaholics, just wanna give other people their shit while they enjoy the after work hours. 

And then there's the deadline, the bane of overtime. Oh just to throw this out here, I don't get overtime pay. Work until 9pm for a deadline? Your screwed up time management problem... Figures...

Which is why I'm feeling really stressed from work, I don't love it neither do I truly hate it. I just find it convenient to resent it for being an obstacle to my true passion. Which I guess is more obvious right now.. Passion to rant. Lol. 

Sigh, I digress. Typing out really gets me worked up. I came back from my Japan trip, facing work... It's like until the point that I think oh fuck this, let's just work for the money. Since I don't particularly like what I'm doing now, let's just focus on the good part: making ends meet.


Until the day I can blog happily about working life. Ha ha ha...

Ps: actually some work colleagues read my blog so to emphasize greatly on the point that I don't hate my work but I do not enjoy it 100%. How can I hate a paying job... Lol.
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