Dear Diary #2

11:00 PM

Dear Diary,

Someone told me not to be too honest.

I asked why is that so?

Because then people would take advantage of you.

Dear Diary,

Is the world so cruel that there is no place for honesty?

Will it always be to lie to get something beneficial to us or to them?

Dear Diary,

'The truth hurts' is painstakingly clear.

Dear Diary,

When I imagine the worst possible scenario, I lie, I cheat.

And to imagine those scenarios, when I have precedence, how can I not lie or cheat?

Dear Diary,

If there is no precedence of what may happen, would I still lie or cheat?

Dear Diary,

I ain't no saint.

I am, but just, a mere human.

And to err is human.

To be or not to be..
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