140315 'Pimp my Chu Lip' Event with The Butterfly Project community

12:30 PM


If you followed me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that I went to an event last Saturday 14th March at KARE Cafe, One Utama.
It is at the Old Wing One Utama, near Aeon.

I arrived the earliest at around 2.15pm, super awkward walked around after I registered myself. Lol.
The registration chair looked absolutely gorgeous and grand, I kid you not.

KARE Cafe is actually the F&B part of KARE, a furniture shop, which is connected to the cafe. While waiting, I explored the furniture shop and it is just so eye-catching. I can imagine myself coming back here in 5 years after I get a house. Lol. The furniture pieces are colourful, there's also the simple for minimalist up to the unique pieces for eccentrics. 
Hi from le awkward lady!

KARE Cafe area

Look at those unique pieces they have!

Yeah, 'I want you' in my future home... *lame pun
What are those 'egg' objects?!

Honestly from far, I would see them as eggs, Easter eggs, to be precise as they are decorated so. Lol.

But no, honey, they are NOT eggs. (>.<)"

It's Chu Lip!

Chu Lip is a lipbalm by Mentholatum and has a cutesy dome shape in funky colours of Pink, Red, Purple and Green.

All Chu Lip lipbalms are formulated with a delicious blend of recipes as well as being enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil.

Pink- Paris, Perfect Memories
Sweet berry scent of raspberry and peach flavour

Red- NY, Brilliant My Way
Powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose

Purple- Arabian, Floral Shower
Magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove

Green- Nordic, Fancy Notalgia
World of fairytale surrounded with the refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango

Now what is that table for, readers?

It's an art table! With Chu Lip lipbalms in one part; look at all that Pink, Red, Purple and Green!

Now, why the art table and Chu Lip?

Mentholatum is getting Chu Lip fans to pimp up their Chu Lip lipbalm and personalize it as your own unique dome shaped lipbalm!

This is my creation during the event. Sorry ah, artist block so could only come up with this in 1 hour plus. Lol.

Okay, you pimp up your Chu Lip lipbalm already and you think it is awesome, the greatest, prettiest/coolest creation EVER!

Why not join a contest?

Take a picture of your amazing creation and upload it onto www.chulip.com.my/pimpmychulip AND you may win an iPad Mini 3 or a set of Chu Lip lipbalm, 5 sets to be won!

The contest is from 5th March until 31st March, still a lot of time to get creative so go get your Chu Lip at RM25.90 each.

To round up this post, let me show what food was served~

I would definitely head back for their Hot Cinnamon Spice tea! Lol

Special thanks to The Butterfly Project for this invite! I had so much fun decorating my Chu Lip lipbalm plus catching up with bloggers Rina and Julianna Chan.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I miss the food! Love the way you doodle your chulip. So spontaneous and simple but still look so catchy! Nice meeting you again Jue. Wanna meet you again in next Butterfly event. So miss your neighbor Colny!

  2. Such cute products and it looks like it was an amazing event. I wish I could go to something like this!

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