Updates #00002

11:23 PM


Wtf, I am late on my blog posts this time!

Just received a gentle reminder and hurriedly rechecked draft for any mistakes then clicked publish. Lol.

Haih, been busy last week and just got back from a family trip to Penang.

Oh celebrated my birthday at Penang too! Honestly I wish my sister was there as well then both sisters can go crazy as sisters do. This morning's trip nearly ended up horribly if my Mum didn't take her stand. Lol. Next thing you know, my youngest brother loved the Camera Museum and got the biggest vanilla ice cream he ever had at the Chocolate Boutique. I missed the Cat Cafe because we needed to rush back for check-out. 

Anyway, will update in detail soon!


And I'm 24 for the past 24 hours plus~ Lol.

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