My 2015 Beauty Regime

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Still not too late to tell you about my beauty must-haves to maintain my youthful skin. Lol.

Butterfly Project has awesome-ly provided products for us, Butterflies to pamper our tired skin as shown in The Butterfly Project's Beauty Box.

I have reviewed the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask which gave me smoother skin! Other products will be reviewed respectively.

Okay, for my beauty regime, I kid you not in telling that I may be the laziest lady for not pampering my skin. Lol.

Especially since facial mist comes into the skincare market, I am undecided either to apply my creams or just spritz the mist over my face. 

From the Butterfly Project's Beauty Box

Moisturizing mist all the way! 
Sorry ah, lazy dab finger so just spritz lor. Easy what? *wink

Creams that I do apply are:

My Origins jar is finished already! T.T

The blue Eye's Cream is my saviour for puffy eyes; it has a cooling effect. 

Okay okay, too lazy like that also not good for the skin. Later cracked up or parched here there, won't look nice in photos. (>O<)"

3 masks in the Beauty box!

You Butterfly Project really spoils us, that's why we love the community! XD

Yes, ladies, masks. Don't ever forget to stock lots of it. Nothing wrong in having a year's supply, even! Lol.

Useful if you want a glowing look before that anticipated date or as a pick me up after a grueling day at work; masks are our saviour, masks pamper us unconditionally. Lol. Oh unless you pick a mask that is not suitable for your skin, then bad luck but don't judge the whole mask department for one bad mask, okay. There are still so many masks variants you can choose.

For me, I either use the above mask packets or alternate with those masks in tubs. Depends on how my skin feels or my laziness meter. Lol. Lazy to dab or wash away the tub ones, I'll rather apply the packet masks one on my face. Wait 15-20 minutes then done plus usually there are still some essence left, apply on my elbows lor. :P

Oh tub masks or jar ones that I alternately use:

So my beauty regime basically cover the most basic regime. Lol.

No essence (if you exclude masks) and no serums. I used to apply serums before, Nanowhite brand but let's just say I definitely deserve the laziest lady award for beauty regime. Even the masks, I usually apply once a fortnight, not once a week which is more ideal for me since my skin do dry up faster now that I mostly work in an air-conditioner office. Wtf. Guilty of crime of mistreating my skin. :D

I did say that I put Expectations in 2015 but I didn't mention anything, yup, anything beauty-related. Lol.

Okay, I have creams and masks plus eye creams. Oh hand cream~

I reviewed this product here.

Honestly, I am not fond of lotions or hand cream. I totally dislike the oily/sticky feeling that most lotions leave after applying. So I mostly skip that part. No wonder my elbows sometimes cracked up and some dry skin peels off. Lol. *checking elbows

Anyway, I do love one lotion because the smell is enticing for me enough that I just love to apply it.

...should I consider serums/essence ah? Lol. Now that I am 24 years old, skin may start to regenerate less. Wtf. Feeling old when typing like this.

Anyway, my favourite cream, the Origins is finished. I am still thinking either to repurchase (it works great! No offence, Mr. Jar) or try out a different brand. Hmmmm.

To summarise this long winded post, my 2015 beauty regime shall be revamped!

Because I totally lack in pampering myself. Lol. 

I wouldn't notice if I didn't write out this post and looking through my stuff...

Well, let's see how my beauty regime changes in July then.

How about your beauty regime? Do share with your products too!

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