La Senza's Love Sexy Valentine's Shopping Party 2015

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I had an amazing Saturday, just looking at my new lovely babies is making me urm damn overspent cry tears of joy!

I won a pair of invites to this party:
Source: femalemag

Imagine opening your email after a grueling work day and THE winning invitation email pops out, tell me: how not to almost scream out in glee and fist pump air? Lol.

Especially came at at time when I almost, almost wanted to throw in the towel...

Heck, maybe there's something good where I am now, I keep finding myself getting lucky, unexpectedly. Will elaborate in a different post. Must resist temptation to hijack this post!

The party was a blast!
At the entrance to La Senza, Pavilion

Deal of the shopping party: 50% off from RM500 nett spent, only until 1pm on that day!

Look at all those pink balloons, with dangling pink hearts and a hidden mini game too. More about that later.

The Love Sexy Collection

DJ and host of the day: Patricia Knudsen

Sexylicious in baby pink

My outfit of the day:
Sleeveless floral top from Forever21
Midi houndstooth skirt from Kitschen
Black 3/4 cardigan from Mirrorcle
Handbag from La Senza
Beige wedges from House of Treats (can't see here, bottom photo shows full length)

RM50 Gift Card, to be used only on that day

Alma, my work colleague and I

Goodies and prize from the mini game

Goodies are the bralette, photo and a sexy pink tumbler!

Prize from the mini game is the gold velvety pouch with a La Senza gold tag plus a round 'Rock & Roll' mirror. :D

The mini game was actually a treasure hunt kind of thing. We had to look for balloons with a La Senza pink sticker on their dangling pink hearts. 10 balloons so I got lucky. I immediately scanned all the dangling hearts and there it was, right near the cashier counter. I rushed there and had to jump a bit because the balloon was floating to the ceiling. Two, three jumps and I grabbed that dangling heart! 

The thrilling moment when I got it was priceless, like I just won gold. Lol.

After collecting my prize, I enjoyed myself looking for my new babies. Mostly didn't have my size, felt a bit dumbfounded. Especially when I really liked a design then found out that my size was out of stock. Why, is my size the size of the average woman in Malaysia until almost no babies in my size left? Wtf.

Anyway, luckily the salespersons in La Senza were very helpful; they managed to find one last piece in baby blue, which I really wanted, seeing how gorgeous the design looked. Lol.

Not my new babies but they look so sexy, I just had to put here!

Food and drink served: the food were all in mini sizes, totally delicious plus the pizza was warm, like they just heated it up. I loved how attentive the organizer was with the food! Loved the pink guava juice as well. And the waiters were good looking too... Lol. They were so hardworking, no empty glasses were left around. Thumbs up with the cleanliness!

After I paid for my new babies, I entered the Lucky Draw. You have to spend at least RM250 for a Lucky Draw entry.

What's this?!



My name was called out! Lol.

I resisted to scream, contented myself with a wide grin for the camera. :D

I got an iPhone Case 5 from the Goodies Bag as well but since I don't have an iPhone, I am willing to give it to anyone who asks... Or give me a very good reason why you want it. Either than the fact that I don't have an iPhone 5 hence this sexy case will just collect dust in my drawer. Lol.

Full length photo of my outfit..
...taken in the fitting room.

Lol, the lighting in there was temptation; must take a photo!

La Senza is currently having their promotion. Go to their Facebook page for more info, ladies! And Gents, there's nothing like a sexy lingerie for that special person. *wink 

Like this Gift Set:
#LoveSexy Gift Set-
Bra & Panty Set + Free Gift Box = RM118
Sexy Sleep + Free Gift Box = RM118

Above promotion ends on 14 February 2015!

FREE Festive Packets when you purchase any 2 normal priced bras

Oh unless she isn't into that kind of gift then be safe; go for flowers and roses and chocolates for Valentine. :P

Thanks for reading!

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