Dear Diary #1

5:30 PM

Dear Diary,

I opened again the little note tucked in the Fortune Cookie I ate yesterday morning.

It says, "You are energetic and self-motivated."

Dear Diary,

I feel like that little note is mocking me.

I feel neither energetic nor self-motivated.

Dear Diary,

Due to my past, I despise lying but I still do it.

Honestly, what defines a White Lie and what defines a Lie?

Dear Diary,

My motivation comes from what I believe in.

Like, to count to 10 and breathe when some bullshit drivers behave like they own the roads.

Dear Diary,

Am I right if I'm thinking in this particular thought?

What if it is wrong and I regret it?

Dear Diary,

Energetic and self-motivated... am I?

I wish and hope that I am.

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