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PR: ESCADA Turquoise Summer

7:30 AM

Press Release

With the wind in your hair, and warm sun on your skin, you know it is summer and time for that spirited freedom!  ESCADA Turquoise Summer, the 2015 limited edition summer fragrance, evokes feelings of free-spirited abandon and escapism – even if only for a moment.
An intensely fruity, powerful yet playful scent; the fragrance features strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant accords, complemented by more sensual and creamy notes of vanilla and sandalwood. ESCADA Turquoise Summer encourages you to explore, and truly let your spirit run free.
ESCADA started the trend of summer limited edition fragrances in 1993.
Turquoise Summer marks the 23rd ESCADA summer scent after the first one.  A playful fruity sorbet of wild red fruits intensifies the edible fruity sensation provided by tutti frutti notes.  The combination invites you to remember the scent of a refreshing icy sorbet.
And at the heart, the red fruits give way to a fleshy peach note, perfectly complemented by the fresh floral scent of violet and orange flowers, and further balanced by a relaxing blend of creamy vanilla and smooth sandalwood.
ESCADA summer fragrances are widely anticipated by consumers from its stand out packaging and iconic flacon design, featuring the ESCADA “girl” – but always with a twist unique to each fragrance. With Turquoise Summer, the classic flacon shape is rendered in a delicate translucent turquoise with the butterfly motif visible from within, along with a playful butterfly charm around the neck.
The outer pack cleverly uses floral and butterfly imagery together with recognizable ESCADA signature colours. This year, fashion illustrator and designer Sarah Arnett drew inspiration from the right ESCADA heritage, the bright and fruity fragrance and the memories of summer escapism it evokes in the stunning Turquoise Summer packaging. Turquoise mixes with ESCADA signature pink, and this year’s fragrance girl is beautiful in a gown of feminine florals and butterfly in her hair; she is the epitome of a free-spirited woman ready to take on the world.
As she looks, coyly, to one side, we are left wondering, “Where will her spirit of adventure take her next?”

ESCADA Turquoise Summer launches in February 2015 and is available at leading department stores and perfumeries.
The Line Up :

EDP 30ml                          RM 156
EDP 50ml                          RM 220
EDP 100ml                        RM 276
Body Lotion 150ml           RM 92
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Dear Diary #1

5:30 PM

Dear Diary,

I opened again the little note tucked in the Fortune Cookie I ate yesterday morning.

It says, "You are energetic and self-motivated."

Dear Diary,

I feel like that little note is mocking me.

I feel neither energetic nor self-motivated.

Dear Diary,

Due to my past, I despise lying but I still do it.

Honestly, what defines a White Lie and what defines a Lie?

Dear Diary,

My motivation comes from what I believe in.

Like, to count to 10 and breathe when some bullshit drivers behave like they own the roads.

Dear Diary,

Am I right if I'm thinking in this particular thought?

What if it is wrong and I regret it?

Dear Diary,

Energetic and self-motivated... am I?

I wish and hope that I am.

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Press Release

PR: Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition

7:30 AM

Press Release

The Spark of Desire: Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition

Gucci Guilty’s dangerous lovers and the spark between them reignite Gucci’s new limited edition fragrances. Gucci Guilty Diamond casts a provocative new light between actors Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans.  Captured within these new limited editions, Gucci Guilty Diamond exudes the electric chemistry and desire between the two stars.
The intense passion between the rebel duo is recalled in the hypnotic glint of a diamond.  A covetable jewel with infinite points of light emanating from its facets, it is a provocative invitation the lovers submit to temptation.
“When we started the Gucci Guilty fragrance story we wanted to portray a contemporary couple, fierce rule-breakers who acted on their desires. The electricity between Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans gives a provocative new edge to Gucci Guilty Diamond. Diamonds have a powerful enigma. You are drawn to their beauty and light. Like diamonds, passion has an irresistible force,” says Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director.

The Gucci Guilty Diamond flacons are wrapped in lustrous gold hued metal, glass windows in an entwined G design reveals its contents.  The Pour Homme bottle features a glass top fluidly attached to its metal base, while the Pour Femme shows a rich, amber-hued juice.  Diamond crystals inset on the consummately crafted flacons glimmer whilst a matte black outer packing radiates with Gucci’s unmistakable gold entwined Gs.

Gucci Guilty Diamond Pour Femme is a warm yet striking oriental floral with hedonism at its heart. Asserting its sensual presence with an opening hit of pink pepper, the scent summons with aphrodisiac middle notes including lilac and cardamom, and closes with voluptuous amber and the suggestive pulse of patchouli.
Sharing the intoxicating character of its feminine counterpart, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is an intense and aromatic contemporary fougère  with invigorating Italian lemon and mandarin top notes, crushed green leaves and punchy pink pepper. There is also lavender mingling with warm coriander, orange flower and neroli, layered over a masculine base of cedar and patchouli.

Gucci Guilty Diamond EDT 50ml                                             RM 299
Gucci Guilty Diamond EDT 75ml                                             RM 410
Gucci Guilty Diamond Pour Homme EDT 90ml                       RM 310

Available at leading department stores and perfumeries from February 2015.
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La Senza's Love Sexy Valentine's Shopping Party 2015

7:30 AM


I had an amazing Saturday, just looking at my new lovely babies is making me urm damn overspent cry tears of joy!

I won a pair of invites to this party:
Source: femalemag

Imagine opening your email after a grueling work day and THE winning invitation email pops out, tell me: how not to almost scream out in glee and fist pump air? Lol.

Especially came at at time when I almost, almost wanted to throw in the towel...

Heck, maybe there's something good where I am now, I keep finding myself getting lucky, unexpectedly. Will elaborate in a different post. Must resist temptation to hijack this post!

The party was a blast!
At the entrance to La Senza, Pavilion

Deal of the shopping party: 50% off from RM500 nett spent, only until 1pm on that day!

Look at all those pink balloons, with dangling pink hearts and a hidden mini game too. More about that later.

The Love Sexy Collection

DJ and host of the day: Patricia Knudsen

Sexylicious in baby pink

My outfit of the day:
Sleeveless floral top from Forever21
Midi houndstooth skirt from Kitschen
Black 3/4 cardigan from Mirrorcle
Handbag from La Senza
Beige wedges from House of Treats (can't see here, bottom photo shows full length)

RM50 Gift Card, to be used only on that day

Alma, my work colleague and I

Goodies and prize from the mini game

Goodies are the bralette, photo and a sexy pink tumbler!

Prize from the mini game is the gold velvety pouch with a La Senza gold tag plus a round 'Rock & Roll' mirror. :D

The mini game was actually a treasure hunt kind of thing. We had to look for balloons with a La Senza pink sticker on their dangling pink hearts. 10 balloons so I got lucky. I immediately scanned all the dangling hearts and there it was, right near the cashier counter. I rushed there and had to jump a bit because the balloon was floating to the ceiling. Two, three jumps and I grabbed that dangling heart! 

The thrilling moment when I got it was priceless, like I just won gold. Lol.

After collecting my prize, I enjoyed myself looking for my new babies. Mostly didn't have my size, felt a bit dumbfounded. Especially when I really liked a design then found out that my size was out of stock. Why, is my size the size of the average woman in Malaysia until almost no babies in my size left? Wtf.

Anyway, luckily the salespersons in La Senza were very helpful; they managed to find one last piece in baby blue, which I really wanted, seeing how gorgeous the design looked. Lol.

Not my new babies but they look so sexy, I just had to put here!

Food and drink served: the food were all in mini sizes, totally delicious plus the pizza was warm, like they just heated it up. I loved how attentive the organizer was with the food! Loved the pink guava juice as well. And the waiters were good looking too... Lol. They were so hardworking, no empty glasses were left around. Thumbs up with the cleanliness!

After I paid for my new babies, I entered the Lucky Draw. You have to spend at least RM250 for a Lucky Draw entry.

What's this?!



My name was called out! Lol.

I resisted to scream, contented myself with a wide grin for the camera. :D

I got an iPhone Case 5 from the Goodies Bag as well but since I don't have an iPhone, I am willing to give it to anyone who asks... Or give me a very good reason why you want it. Either than the fact that I don't have an iPhone 5 hence this sexy case will just collect dust in my drawer. Lol.

Full length photo of my outfit..
...taken in the fitting room.

Lol, the lighting in there was temptation; must take a photo!

La Senza is currently having their promotion. Go to their Facebook page for more info, ladies! And Gents, there's nothing like a sexy lingerie for that special person. *wink 

Like this Gift Set:
#LoveSexy Gift Set-
Bra & Panty Set + Free Gift Box = RM118
Sexy Sleep + Free Gift Box = RM118

Above promotion ends on 14 February 2015!

FREE Festive Packets when you purchase any 2 normal priced bras

Oh unless she isn't into that kind of gift then be safe; go for flowers and roses and chocolates for Valentine. :P

Thanks for reading!

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Movie review

Movie Review: Into the Woods

7:30 AM


My first movie review in 2015. Lol.

But of all movies, it had to be this one... Wtf. I think that I shouldn't have watched. I did expect how horrible it was but after watching.. Dei, what crappy movie is this!

I digress.

Let me review as unbiased as possible.

I think the movie started with the Red Riding Hood girl.

Anyway, there were characters of Cinderella, Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), the Wolf, Rapunzel (later realized it's more to Tangled, believe me, it was Wtf), the Witch (actually the daughter to the witch from Rapunzel... because in the movie definitely mentioned from her mother's curse), and suddenly a Baker and his wife.

When the movie introduced the Baker and his wife, childless because of a curse, I did felt, 'Okay, let's just give this movie a chance.'

I regretted even thinking that.

The dumbest thing that started me into thinking oh crap, what movie is this when every character somehow want to go into the woods, hence the name of the movie.

Jack wants to sell the cow? Go into the woods.

Okay, maybe the woods were on the path to a market.

Cinderella had her mother's grave in the woods so she rushed into the woods to tell her dead mother that she wanted to go to the dance.

Oh the dance decided to go on for three days.

The Baker needed to get a cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn, a red riding hood and a gold slipper/shoe. Somehow along what the witch said, I can't remember exactly.

So the baker met red riding hood first and tried to steal her red hood but she screamed. Bloody screamed until he turned back to return it to her. Then she got swollen up by the wolf. The baker happened to come to that grandmother's house and saved them from the wolf's stomach. 

This part I had to roll up my eyes in disbelief. Wtf. You get swollen up by a wolf and suddenly you have seen the world. Bravo! 

Anyway, she gave her red hood to the baker and her grandmother skinned the wolf to replace the hood.

Baker met his wife and Jack came. Got the cow in exchange for the magical beans. Bla bla.

Too many craps to tell you all. Let me skip to where the movie should end with Happily Ever After.

But it didn't.

Instead, the giant's wife came down to squash Jack for making her giant husband fell down and killed him. The woods became a dangerous place.

And also became the stupidest scene for all things crap.

Suddenly the prince who married Cinderella started kissing the baker's wife in the woods.

Yup, that was bullshit max. The prince said he liked brave women so he started kissing her. 

Gross max! Then the baker's wife, who already has a baby at last (ugh remembering how her belly suddenly swollen up with a baby... >_<), sang about how an affair is okay.

Crap, really crap.

Baker's wife fell down a cliff, died and the baker decided to kill the she-giant with the girl from red riding hood and Jack (Jack's mother died, the girl's home destroyed and grandmother dead) and Cinderella who found out the prince cheated on her (they broke up, with the prince giving the lamest excuse possible!).

The ending is the most horrible, I dare you to watch and not feel cheated of your movie ticket.

Yes, I feel that I could have watched a better movie than this. Lol. But honestly, I knew it was bad, just didn't expect it was that horrible, crappy shit. Lol.

With all the singing and plots that looked half-ass, please skip this movie.

Even if you see Johnny Depp, believe me, he only appeared for 20 minutes at most. 

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My 2015 Beauty Regime

7:30 AM


Still not too late to tell you about my beauty must-haves to maintain my youthful skin. Lol.

Butterfly Project has awesome-ly provided products for us, Butterflies to pamper our tired skin as shown in The Butterfly Project's Beauty Box.

I have reviewed the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask which gave me smoother skin! Other products will be reviewed respectively.

Okay, for my beauty regime, I kid you not in telling that I may be the laziest lady for not pampering my skin. Lol.

Especially since facial mist comes into the skincare market, I am undecided either to apply my creams or just spritz the mist over my face. 

From the Butterfly Project's Beauty Box

Moisturizing mist all the way! 
Sorry ah, lazy dab finger so just spritz lor. Easy what? *wink

Creams that I do apply are:

My Origins jar is finished already! T.T

The blue Eye's Cream is my saviour for puffy eyes; it has a cooling effect. 

Okay okay, too lazy like that also not good for the skin. Later cracked up or parched here there, won't look nice in photos. (>O<)"

3 masks in the Beauty box!

You Butterfly Project really spoils us, that's why we love the community! XD

Yes, ladies, masks. Don't ever forget to stock lots of it. Nothing wrong in having a year's supply, even! Lol.

Useful if you want a glowing look before that anticipated date or as a pick me up after a grueling day at work; masks are our saviour, masks pamper us unconditionally. Lol. Oh unless you pick a mask that is not suitable for your skin, then bad luck but don't judge the whole mask department for one bad mask, okay. There are still so many masks variants you can choose.

For me, I either use the above mask packets or alternate with those masks in tubs. Depends on how my skin feels or my laziness meter. Lol. Lazy to dab or wash away the tub ones, I'll rather apply the packet masks one on my face. Wait 15-20 minutes then done plus usually there are still some essence left, apply on my elbows lor. :P

Oh tub masks or jar ones that I alternately use:

So my beauty regime basically cover the most basic regime. Lol.

No essence (if you exclude masks) and no serums. I used to apply serums before, Nanowhite brand but let's just say I definitely deserve the laziest lady award for beauty regime. Even the masks, I usually apply once a fortnight, not once a week which is more ideal for me since my skin do dry up faster now that I mostly work in an air-conditioner office. Wtf. Guilty of crime of mistreating my skin. :D

I did say that I put Expectations in 2015 but I didn't mention anything, yup, anything beauty-related. Lol.

Okay, I have creams and masks plus eye creams. Oh hand cream~

I reviewed this product here.

Honestly, I am not fond of lotions or hand cream. I totally dislike the oily/sticky feeling that most lotions leave after applying. So I mostly skip that part. No wonder my elbows sometimes cracked up and some dry skin peels off. Lol. *checking elbows

Anyway, I do love one lotion because the smell is enticing for me enough that I just love to apply it.

...should I consider serums/essence ah? Lol. Now that I am 24 years old, skin may start to regenerate less. Wtf. Feeling old when typing like this.

Anyway, my favourite cream, the Origins is finished. I am still thinking either to repurchase (it works great! No offence, Mr. Jar) or try out a different brand. Hmmmm.

To summarise this long winded post, my 2015 beauty regime shall be revamped!

Because I totally lack in pampering myself. Lol. 

I wouldn't notice if I didn't write out this post and looking through my stuff...

Well, let's see how my beauty regime changes in July then.

How about your beauty regime? Do share with your products too!

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Product Review: MaybellineNY SharpFace Kit

7:30 AM


I received a SharpFace Kit from MaybellineNY Malaysia to try out.

Interesting how much effort was put to send it to me!
See, it's in this amazing blue box with a blue ribbon as well! So much love!

A note for a 3 minutes Challenge from MaybellineNY Malaysia

White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder in 04 Honey
Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil in Brown
Blush 'em Blush Studio in 01 I'm Glowy & 05 I'm Fashionista

There is also a flyer (I think it is a flyer.. >.<) in the box, with clear guidelines on how to apply the SharpFace Kit.

3 Steps to a Sharper Face:
  1. Flawless foundation-Apply White Superfresh powder that matches your face's skin tone for an even, matte complexion so you look fresh all day long. 
  2. Bold Brows- Bold and thick brows give the illusion of a smaller face. Fill in your eyebrows with our ultra-fine 1.6mm tip Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil for a well-defined look.
  3. Contoured Cheeks- Dust the light shades of Blush 'em! microfine powder under the eye area and the dark shade under the cheekbones to add contours. 

White Superfresh powder
Available in 4 shades:
02 Nude Beige
03 Natural
04 Honey
05 Sand Beige

The powder texture is indeed matte and the shade matches my skin tone quite satisfyingly. The sponge picks up the product well enough. However, I find the sponge small and I am not used to small sponges; I may use a brush after this to replace.

Another note is the refillable option on the back of the compact. Would be convenient when the powder finishes later. :)

Blush 'em!
Available in 4 shades:
I'm Glowy
I'm Pop
I'm Fashionista
I Love Pink

I'm Glowy has two tones which are quite similar hence the almost same tone in the above picture. I'm Fashionista has more striking two tones, as shown in the picture.

Both products are able to give me a good blush.

Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil
Available in 2 shades:

Honestly, my first eyebrow make up. I didn't think I need eyebrow make up because my eyebrows are quite thick as they are already. Lol.

So when I applied this, almost no difference! Wtf. Means my eyebrows really thick until no need eyebrow make up.

I did the 3 minutes Challenge, recorded via Video app in my iPad

And I am stuck on how to transfer it here. Lol.

Here's the link for the 3 minutes Challenge. Excuse my vanity in it plus apologies for the quality and absence of audio.
3 minutes was barely enough to do make up!! Lol.


I also have a shoutout for a contest from MaybellineNY Malaysia!

The Sharp Look Selfie Contest
Prizes worth up to RM150 to be won!

  1. Make sure you're following @maybellinemalaysia on Instagram!
  2. Selfie! What's your sharp face look? Caption it with style too.
  3. Tag @maybellinemalaysia, #MYSharpFace and also at least two of your friends. Dare them to do the sharp face look as well!
  4. Each week, the winners with the most creative captions will win.
  5. Contest ends on 12th February! Get your #MYSharpFace on, ladies~
For more information:
Maybelline NY Malaysia Facebook 
Maybelline Instagram

Thank you for reading.


Disclaimer: Products are sent to me for review purpose. That does not however affect my opinion of the products. This review is my honest, humble review of the products. Moreover, pictures are my own unless stated or linked back to the original source.
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