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11:33 PM


Let me skip product reviews this week, those take up more of my time to think plus I have to stop from cringing at the written words this week. Too much drama because of the written words! Wtf.

Anyway, last week I got one of the greatest email!

I won an invitation to La Senza Love Sexy Shopping Party for next month! Super lucky okay, only 15 pairs get to go. Lol. 

And as if I need more encouragement in life, I got another great email just today! *sniff why I lucky like this..

Okay, that isn't confirm yet actually, talk about counting the chicks before they are hatched. 

On a side note, I haven't thought what to do during that long weekend beginning February.. I want to go somewhere but don't know where. Lol. 

Hmm, well, this is just an update.

Oh, see what comics I bought!

Dongeng Seriau, Misteri F and Sumpahan Puaka Soichi

I like Misteri F the most, cutest drawing out of the three!

Sumpahan Puaka Soichi is more like thriller, lukewarm like, nothing you would get nightmares from. It just makes you either angry or Wtf is this kid doing. Lol.

Will update on product reviews this weekend.

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  1. Jue, Misteri F tu cerita pasal apa? Huruf F tu menarik minat aku..hahaha..

  2. Takumi: Sinopsis Misteri F- Remi, seorang budak sekolah menengah tinggal bersama abangnya, Keishi dan Sora yang membesar bagaikan keluarga sendiri. Sora berkeupayaan melihat dan mendengar kisah silam seseorang atau sesuatu benda.

    Cerita menarik dan lukisan pun mantap dan ada kadang2 comel. :)


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