Unexpected Encounters: Almost a car accident

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Okay, the car accident was nothing serious. Luckily, it wasn't serious. Heck, my first accident! Bravo, not a year of me holding my driver's license and had a accident already. Lol. I had my license in March...

Oh actually it's my first car-car accident. If I am to add the non-car accident then... Ahem, I should tell the story instead, right?

It was last Friday on 2 January 2015, which if I reverse the day and month would be my birth date. *hint hint. Lol.

I woke up early because I wanted to renew my Passport at the Immigration office opposite Publika. The process was smooth even though there was a problem in the system. I got my passport and wanted to fix the brake light of the car.

I drove to a Proton Service Centre, idiotically. Hey, only a brake light and I went to a Proton Service Centre. They would laugh but the receptionist there kindly made an appointment for me. I felt dumb. Later, T-Chan said any normal workshop would have been fine because it is just a brake light. Meh..

Okay, after that I decided to go to a nail salon to remove the gel polish on my nails. Turned out that it is near impossible to remove using the conventional nail polish remover. Excuse me being naive but to remove gel polish, they had to scrape it off my nails. And no, it doesn't hurt at all. I did Express Manicure but believe me, it isn't express at all!

Ah I should tell the accident! Sumimasen!

As I was driving to the nail salon, I got into an unfortunate car accident, which I believed is not my fault entirely. However, I was made the wrongdoer 100%. I am still furious whenever I remembered it because I apologized heartily for it while the man made no apologies and had the nerve to remind me to be careful. Aih. Is it because I'm female??

Like this, I will try to tell it in words then if I'm in the mood, a sketch.

The man missed the junction. He stopped his car just a bit after the junction. I wanted to drive into the junction. My lane also has a traffic light ahead and it was red when I saw the man stopped his car there. The traffic light turned green so I ad enough space to turn into the junction and there was no incoming car from the other lane. As I was about to turn, I saw that car. It had its reverse lights on but he didn't move it. I stopped, wondering what is he doing but okay, he can go first. 


I couldn't react in time as it happened fast. I couldn't look behind me to see if I could reverse but I swear I had that thought! He damnation kept reversing his car! Then I heard the unpleasant sound. *shakes head in disbelief

Unfortunately I panic because his car is not those cheap cars okay!

Then we both got out from our cars to check. And here is the part I am still angry about. WE were both more concerned about HIS car. I cannot... I felt so dumb! So useless! Just remembering it made me feel like being played 100% wrongdoer!


The good part is nothing happened to his car. Lucky I don't need to offer payment. That was all I was thinking at that time, honestly. Damn horrible day if I had to pay up!!

Then we exchanged business cards and he said that it would be better to be friends. Me play acting because I just want to get it over with! Anyway, I did made a new acquaintance albeit reluctantly.

However, when parting was the most uncomfortable. Maybe I am traditional but I would prefer to settle with a handshake since we were just newly acquainted but he added a friendly hug. Errrrr.. That was awkward for me!

In conclusion, until I am well known and drive a Ferrari, I guess I am 100% wrong anywhere, anytime and in any situation. That's life and reality, isn't it?


P.S: I guess a CCTV in my car would have been the best in that circumstance. Can rewind the recording of how I stopped than HE REVERSED INTO MY CAR. Sigh. Calm down and think happy thoughts!

P.S: I don't know why but if I want to correct an error in my paragraph, the words are highlighted then deleting the words after it. Like rewriting the whole paragraph because of one error!
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