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First, have you ever heard of lip tattoo?

Seriously, the first thing I know when I heard tattoo is those tattoos my grandfather has. He is Iban so he has it but my Dad doesn't. I would personally find it a bit weird if my Dad has, honestly speaking..

Would you believe that I actually had a thought to do a tattoo on my arm when I was 20? Or was it the nape of my neck.. Anyway, I chickened out and also because I worry of prejudice mindsets. I digress.

So what is this Shizens Lip Tattoo?

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.
 Quoted from Shizens website

The product comes in a packaged box.

It is one of Shizens Star Product.

The product comes in a creamy white texture.

However, don't let that white fool you.

I applied some of the product on my hand to test.

Lo and behold, from white, it changes to a pinkish tone in a few seconds!

The top picture is without the product while second is application of product on my bottom lip before distributing to my upper lip.

Look at the difference! My lips in the top picture look sick. Wtf. Then applied the product and my lips look healthy with its pink glow. Lol.

I have been using it for a week and my lips are noticeably less dried out. I usually faced problems of chapped lips even after drinking lots of water. Now I am happy and thrilled to say that I don't have chapped lips anymore! What a saviour! (^0^)/

Shizens Lip Tattoo retails at RM168 for 8ml.

It is pricey but a good investment to get healthy and pretty lips, won't you agree? Plus a great gift for the woman in your life with February coming soon. *wink

Thanks for reading.

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