Product Review: Color Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss in Sparkle

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Let's continue the product review from the Beauty Box that I received last year from the Butterfly Project. Haven't read about the Beauty Box? Click here. Some products have been reviewed, you can find the respective link under the pictures.

Color Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss in Sparkle

I am not sure if that is supposed to be a mirror. It is pretty un-mirror-ish for me as I can't see much from it.

Voila! It's a light saber!

I kid, there's a light in the cap.

Supposedly to help your application during night time or in dark places which has no sources of light. I find it unnerving as the light actually turns me into a ghost. Playing ghost with the torch light facing upwards from our chin. Which I usually see in horror/thriller movies. Which also manages to scare the daylight out of me. Wtf. No horror/thriller, please!

I swiped it on the back of my hand to see how it is.

It's glossy and sticky, as you would expect from a lip gloss.

But, oh boy! How it sparkles!

Closer look, it has glitters in it hence the sparkle.

Looks really fancy there. <3

Verdict: Pretty wise, the packaging is simple and lovely. Product also delivers with sparkles~

The not-so-good point is the mirror and the light. I think the product is great without both of the details or to improvise, the mirror should be clearer and the light should have a button to switch it off since in daylight, the light can be unnecessary.


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  1. Looks gorgeous! I loved the tingling sparkles!! The light thing is really amazing..!


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