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This will be my second beauty review after MUA The Artiste Collection + My Selfies Collage. <Click the link to read it!

Last week I have started to challenge myself to put in more effort to do my make up in the morning. Wtf. Do you know how hard it is when I really love to sleep instead? Lol.

However, the usual make up pffft it's nearly nothing most of the time takes me less than 10 minutes to do.

Let me show you first the products that I usually use.

My favourite CC product now, replacing Nanowhite CC product.

The MUA Artiste Palette
I love the highlight and bronzer.

Kate Stick Concealer
Bought in the middle of last year to try out.
So far, it is a good product to hide my dark circles.

Kate Mineral Loose Foundation
Love the powder puff in it, doesn't turn me into a geisha. Wtf.

MaxFactor Miracle Touch in Creamy Blush
I used this sparingly as I dislike looking like an overly-flushed clown. Lol.

Above are the products I normally use for my everyday make up.

Looks dull and I'm honestly bored with them too. Lol.

I thought I need to buy new make up to do a new look then I found this.

Okay, it was bought sometime last year as well. Lol. I don't how last year's products suddenly attract me.

I think the reason that I didn't use this is because I assumed eyeshadows with glitters should only be use for night make up.

That was so wrong!

Therefore, I have started using this since last week. Together with two products from the Beauty Box.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black

Maybelline Baby Lip Electro Pop Pink Shock with Watermelon Flavour

So what is My 2015 make up?


Focus on my eyes: The two brownish eyeshadows from this product which are opposite each other-

Eyeliner makes my eyes look bigger! Thank you, Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black!
Lol. Kiasu post twice!

I will try more make up looks this year. It was fun doing this look; simple yet I get charming eyes.

P.S.: I can't resist looking into a mirror to admire my own look. Lol. Vain much.

Thanks for reading.

Last picture of me!

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