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Product Review: L'occitane Velvet Hand Cream

7:00 AM


Today's review will be L'occitane Velvet Hand Cream 10ml.

It's so cute! \(>.<)/

Product comes out in a white moist cream and smells lovely too!

Packaging is awesome! Lol. The cap is user-friendly, I mean not too hard to twist/turn/unscrew. The tube's design is simple yet attractive, as most of L'occitane products are.

The cream is light and moisturizes my hand satisfactorily. Plus no greasy, oily feeling -  Just moist!

Thank you for having this in your Beauty Box, The Butterfly Project!

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My 2015 make up

7:00 AM


This will be my second beauty review after MUA The Artiste Collection + My Selfies Collage. <Click the link to read it!

Last week I have started to challenge myself to put in more effort to do my make up in the morning. Wtf. Do you know how hard it is when I really love to sleep instead? Lol.

However, the usual make up pffft it's nearly nothing most of the time takes me less than 10 minutes to do.

Let me show you first the products that I usually use.

My favourite CC product now, replacing Nanowhite CC product.

The MUA Artiste Palette
I love the highlight and bronzer.

Kate Stick Concealer
Bought in the middle of last year to try out.
So far, it is a good product to hide my dark circles.

Kate Mineral Loose Foundation
Love the powder puff in it, doesn't turn me into a geisha. Wtf.

MaxFactor Miracle Touch in Creamy Blush
I used this sparingly as I dislike looking like an overly-flushed clown. Lol.

Above are the products I normally use for my everyday make up.

Looks dull and I'm honestly bored with them too. Lol.

I thought I need to buy new make up to do a new look then I found this.

Okay, it was bought sometime last year as well. Lol. I don't how last year's products suddenly attract me.

I think the reason that I didn't use this is because I assumed eyeshadows with glitters should only be use for night make up.

That was so wrong!

Therefore, I have started using this since last week. Together with two products from the Beauty Box.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black

Maybelline Baby Lip Electro Pop Pink Shock with Watermelon Flavour

So what is My 2015 make up?


Focus on my eyes: The two brownish eyeshadows from this product which are opposite each other-

Eyeliner makes my eyes look bigger! Thank you, Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black!
Lol. Kiasu post twice!

I will try more make up looks this year. It was fun doing this look; simple yet I get charming eyes.

P.S.: I can't resist looking into a mirror to admire my own look. Lol. Vain much.

Thanks for reading.

Last picture of me!

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Products review

Product Review: Color Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss in Sparkle

7:00 AM


Let's continue the product review from the Beauty Box that I received last year from the Butterfly Project. Haven't read about the Beauty Box? Click here. Some products have been reviewed, you can find the respective link under the pictures.

Color Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss in Sparkle

I am not sure if that is supposed to be a mirror. It is pretty un-mirror-ish for me as I can't see much from it.

Voila! It's a light saber!

I kid, there's a light in the cap.

Supposedly to help your application during night time or in dark places which has no sources of light. I find it unnerving as the light actually turns me into a ghost. Playing ghost with the torch light facing upwards from our chin. Which I usually see in horror/thriller movies. Which also manages to scare the daylight out of me. Wtf. No horror/thriller, please!

I swiped it on the back of my hand to see how it is.

It's glossy and sticky, as you would expect from a lip gloss.

But, oh boy! How it sparkles!

Closer look, it has glitters in it hence the sparkle.

Looks really fancy there. <3

Verdict: Pretty wise, the packaging is simple and lovely. Product also delivers with sparkles~

The not-so-good point is the mirror and the light. I think the product is great without both of the details or to improvise, the mirror should be clearer and the light should have a button to switch it off since in daylight, the light can be unnecessary.


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Updates #00001

11:33 PM


Let me skip product reviews this week, those take up more of my time to think plus I have to stop from cringing at the written words this week. Too much drama because of the written words! Wtf.

Anyway, last week I got one of the greatest email!

I won an invitation to La Senza Love Sexy Shopping Party for next month! Super lucky okay, only 15 pairs get to go. Lol. 

And as if I need more encouragement in life, I got another great email just today! *sniff why I lucky like this..

Okay, that isn't confirm yet actually, talk about counting the chicks before they are hatched. 

On a side note, I haven't thought what to do during that long weekend beginning February.. I want to go somewhere but don't know where. Lol. 

Hmm, well, this is just an update.

Oh, see what comics I bought!

Dongeng Seriau, Misteri F and Sumpahan Puaka Soichi

I like Misteri F the most, cutest drawing out of the three!

Sumpahan Puaka Soichi is more like thriller, lukewarm like, nothing you would get nightmares from. It just makes you either angry or Wtf is this kid doing. Lol.

Will update on product reviews this weekend.

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Products review

Product Review: Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy

7:00 AM


Recently I find it fun and a joy in applying nail polish. Lol. Begone, dull colourless fingernails!

As it is, I was delighted to find a nail polish in the Beauty Box from The Butterfly Project. Especially in a colour I have yet to try.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in 004 Berry Sexy

Excuse the nail polish, that was my previous nail polish. Lol.

Look at how vamp-ish it is! I can imagine it as a must-have for Halloween this year.

And so shiny!

The above is 2 applications as I find the first application a bit light in some places. After the second application, it definitely looks vamp-ish!

Can't wait to try out the other colours as well. Use #colorshow in Instagram to see the other colours!

Thanks for reading.

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Products review

Product Review: Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask

7:00 AM


I received this mask in a Beauty Box from The Butterfly Project during Christmas Dinner.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask by Indeed Labs

This mask contains 20ml of hyaluronic acid. 

Cleanse and dry face thoroughly.
Unfold mask and place over the face.
Press in place with finger tips.
Relax for 15 minutes.
Remove mask.
Gently massage in the remaining serum.

My face felt smoother, plumped and definitely glowing after removing the mask.

Love how it felt especially the eye area; moisturized!

Retails at about RM10 at Muse Watsons, Sunway Pyramid.

Thanks for reading. Do tell me if you try this mask as well.

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Products review

Product Review: Shizens Lip Tattoo

7:00 AM


First, have you ever heard of lip tattoo?

Seriously, the first thing I know when I heard tattoo is those tattoos my grandfather has. He is Iban so he has it but my Dad doesn't. I would personally find it a bit weird if my Dad has, honestly speaking..

Would you believe that I actually had a thought to do a tattoo on my arm when I was 20? Or was it the nape of my neck.. Anyway, I chickened out and also because I worry of prejudice mindsets. I digress.

So what is this Shizens Lip Tattoo?

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.
 Quoted from Shizens website

The product comes in a packaged box.

It is one of Shizens Star Product.

The product comes in a creamy white texture.

However, don't let that white fool you.

I applied some of the product on my hand to test.

Lo and behold, from white, it changes to a pinkish tone in a few seconds!

The top picture is without the product while second is application of product on my bottom lip before distributing to my upper lip.

Look at the difference! My lips in the top picture look sick. Wtf. Then applied the product and my lips look healthy with its pink glow. Lol.

I have been using it for a week and my lips are noticeably less dried out. I usually faced problems of chapped lips even after drinking lots of water. Now I am happy and thrilled to say that I don't have chapped lips anymore! What a saviour! (^0^)/

Shizens Lip Tattoo retails at RM168 for 8ml.

It is pricey but a good investment to get healthy and pretty lips, won't you agree? Plus a great gift for the woman in your life with February coming soon. *wink

Thanks for reading.

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Book review

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

7:00 AM


I am trying to add one more expectation unto myself which is reading 50 books this year. 

I don't know how long since I stopped doing book reviews, partly because I just read it for fun and relaxation so didn't bother to review and partly because my iPad is taking over this book lover in me. 


Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 978-0-141-35507-8
Price: RM43.95 (Borders bookstore/ bought in 2014)

A short interlude of the story on the back cover:

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

I wondered why this book had a considerable hype last year until I bought it myself to satisfy the curiousity.

And it is wonderfully written. I love Hazel Grace; she is real, none of those saint-like character being kind and good for others. She faced her fated days with resignation, instead of putting up a brave front. That feels real, feels human.

Then a guy comes and kind of ruins her resignation to life. But okay a gorgeous guy.

Honestly, I was expecting Hazel to die first...

Oh, a bit of a spoiler alert if you haven't read the book.

Truly a twisted plot and I should have finish reading it before when I bought it a few months ago.

Maybe I am sentimental but I did feel the love in this story, of how near death is and how it can happen unexpectedly but the most unexpected is the love that developed. 

Sucks, the ending hurts!

I didn't cry but yes, I felt sad. 

If you would like to read about terminally ill patients, I mean the real ones, this book is a good read.

Better still if you can pass this book to a patient. I honestly believe this book is a great read as it is as honest and truthful as life is.

Thanks for reading.

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