The Butterfly Project's Christmas Dinner- 23 Dec 2014

7:00 AM


I got to attend a dinner gathering with 100 bloggers of The Butterfly Project community last Tuesday at The Apartment, Curve.

I rushed there after work, prepared in my Christmas themed attire and actually reached the area in less than an hour. The tricky part  was making my way to the parking. Damn slow moving the traffic and me being me, I was entertaining myself in the car. Lol. Other drivers must have thought I was a crazy lady driver.

Lucky I parked so near to the venue! Walked up the stairs and voila, just a few steps away to The Apartment, Curve.

Some pictures of the interior at The Apartment, Curve.

Pieces of the turkey and some desserts.

The turkey was delicious and I like the fillings as well. Thumbs up for the great turkey!

Sorry ah, so hungry and the food were all delicious; I gobbled up unashamedly until I realized damn no food pictures so this was the second plate. Lol.

I met new bloggers: Rina (, Adeline ( and Colney Qing. 

After the dinner, we had 2 songs sang by our talented Butterflies, Edazz and Choypengism joined for duet in the second song, Let It Go.

Part 1

Part 2

Then prize giving to the best food instagrams and best dress. There were really creative ideas from Butterflies; Gingerbread DIY by Ben Dan, Angel by Sara and lots more. I would have a hard time to pick who wins!

Next was the Secret Santa!

This was mine!

I haven't reveal myself to my Secret Butterfly. Lol.

The awesome sticker on The Butterfly Project's Beauty Box!

The Beauty Box, Door Gift from Garnier (in pink) and my gift from Secret Santa.

I love the effort made by my Secret Santa so here's a shout out to her blog!

Thank you, Puteri Zatil Aqmar, blogger at Cosmephilia!

Great Mamasan who made this dinner happened!
Thanks so much, Tammy!

It was a fun night with everyone being merry and enjoying themselves. The Apartment's food and service were great, would love to dine there next time with friends, maybe T-Chan. Lol.

Not to forget, we Butterflies have a mission from Mamasan for 2015! Can't wait to start the missions.

Thank you for reading.

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