Product Review: SKIN & LAB Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

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I bought SKIN & LAB Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask in October so it has been 3 months. However, due to circumstances- acne plus itchy fingers- I only used it 3 times. So this review will be based on my third time using the product.

The product is packaged in a simple white with greenish blue box.

Product's benefits from the main ingredients which are glacial clay and oatmeal.

Directions to apply the product

The product in a tube with a flat lid.

Next are pictures of me using the product. 
Excuse for unprofessional picture taking. :P

My right side before applying the product.
Damn those itchy fingers. T.T

Left side almost blemish-free. So can imagine how right side if no red spots. :)

Front profile
I look tired and my face really appears gloomy, especially noticeable are dark circles! *cries

Applied product
The product is the same greenish blue as the colour on the box.
Excuse the don't-care-face here but I find it amusing myself... :D *I know I'm weird~

When the mask dries in 10-15 minutes, I felt tightness and also minor sharp-pain like feelings. But that feeling only lasts a few seconds and disappears.

After rinse!

Before                                          After

Doesn't my face look brighter after rinse? xD
Plus it felt softer!

Before                                         After

Before                                       After

My review of the product:
The tube is attractively simple. However, the lid would be a bit hard to handle as there is only a small flip-like on it to hold on.

The texture of the product is clay-like with bits of oatmeal and tea tree leaf mixed in. There is a soft smell which is not overpowering.

The product spreads easily with the help of a spatula. After covering the face, avoiding the eye area, there is a minor sharp pain feeling. This is explained as the product works to contract the skin.

After rinse, my skin does feel softer and looks brighter than before applying the product.

If the lid could be changed, I'll be a contented user!

Repurchase: Definitely with proven results seen.

More information of the product can be found on Nattacosme.

Price from Nattacosme is RM71.00.

The product is best used within one year after opening the lid.

Thanks for reading!
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