Movie Review: Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

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This is a long overdue post because I watched this movie on 5th December.

Do skip to the end if you have yet to watch this movie. :)

Review begins from this point!

I can summarize this movie into one word: Private.

Oh yes, this movie, in my own honest opinion, is about Private and nothing but him.

So how did the four of them meet?

The movie starts with penguins just being penguins, seemingly 'walking' to a destination.

Then one of the small penguins ask, "Where are we going?" (Disclaimer: The actual sentence was something along this line but I may have heard wrongly while watching the movie.)

The small penguin was Skipper. Then Rico and Kowalski are his friends, who were also as curious as him. The three of them stepped out of the line of penguins. Entertainingly, some humans were documenting the penguins.

Suddenly, an egg came rolling. Skipper, being intrigued, asked if anyone should stop the egg. The adult penguins replied that they are not to step out of the line.

Skipper rushed after the egg, with Rico and Kowalski following him.

The egg landed on an abandoned ship and seemed to be food for hungry leopard seals. Skipper, Kowalski and Rico saved the egg and in the process, were stranded on a piece of iceberg, drifting them away. The egg hatched and a cute baby penguin was in it. Named Private, these four are the Penguins of Madagascar!

Fast forward after Madagascar 3, the penguins planned a birthday treat for Private whereby they sneaked into Fort Knox. After passing by a vault full of glittering gold, they reached the break room which has Cheesy Dribbles, Private's favourite snack.

During the mission to enter the Fort Knox, Private felt he was unimportant to the team as he was not given any task except being referred to as cute by Skipper.

Suddenly, the four penguins were kidnapped into the vending machine. The kidnapper was Dave, the octopus AKA human Dr Octavius Brine. Dave felt pushed aside by penguins as each zoo he went to, the penguins stole his popularity. Being angry, he decided to have revenge on every penguin.

Showing a green goo in a vial, Dave tells the penguins that the penguin craze will be over. Rico manages to swallow the green vial and on Skipper's mark, the four penguins escaped from Dave's place. Chased by Dave's henchmen (also octopuses, by the way ;p), the four penguins ended up being cornered into an alley.

They were saved by an elite undercover inter-species task force, The North Wind. 

An intelligent snowy owl, Eva; a harp seal similar to Rico, Short Fuse; a husky wolf, Agent Classified; and a muscular polar bear, Corporal

The four penguins were brought to the North Wind's headquarter. Agent Classified asked if the penguins know what Dave is up to and if they had seen the green goo. Unnervingly, Rico took out the green vial and Skipper considered that Dave would not be able to continue his evil plan.

Dave suddenly hacked into the North Wind's communication and announced more of the green goo which he called the Medusa Serum. Agent Classified decided that the penguins are safer away from Dave and does not want to involve the penguins in the mission to capture Dave.

The penguins were put to sleep and sent away in a plane. Waking up mid-flight, the penguins vowed to save their own kind.

They make their way to Shanghai, which they thought was Dublin. Interestingly, they found out that Dave was targeting the zoos where he had been to from the snow globes swallowed by Rico. The next zoo that will have the penguins kidnapped would be the zoo in Shanghai.

In the mission to capture Dave, Private was made a diversion. Private, feeling upset, followed Skipper's instructions. Dave was captured when suddenly the North Wind showed up. Dave managed to escape and also kidnapped the penguins from the zoo, together with Private.

The North Wind had inject a tracking signal in the penguins when putting them to sleep. All of them followed the signal to an island. Here, Agent Classified and Skipper argued on the best plan to save Private. Seeing Agent Classified's sophisticated plan using images and the awed faces of Rico and Kowalski, Skipper agreed that Agent Classified has a better plan. Hence the penguins were the diversion to attract Dave's henchmen away from the submarine which had Private in it.

However, the North Wind was ambushed and captured by Dave. Skipper, Rico and Kowalski were also captured. In the submarine, Dave wanted to show the effect of the Medusa Serum on Private. As the machine blasted towards Private, he disappeared in the smoke. Dave and the other three penguins assumed Private to be blown into bits.

Private sneaked his way in the submarine and rescued the North Wind. He planned to rescue the other penguins as well. Agent Classified, on the other hand, suggested that they should get back to headquarter to gather weapons. Private disagreed and they parted ways.

Dave's submarine arrived at New York. Dave blasts all the penguins with the Medusa Serum, making all the penguins into little monsters. Coming out as Dr Octavius Brine, Dave proclaimed how he found all the penguins and will release the penguins for the humans. However, what came out from his submarine was not cute penguins. Instead horrible little monsters. The humans screamed and ran. Dave gleefully watched as the humans called the Pest Exterminator.

The pest exterminator sucks the monster penguins. Private hurriedly searched for Skipper and manages to remind Skipper who he is. They found Rico and Kowalski as well. Skipper instructed them to stop the Medusa machine.

Private announced that they must use him to get all the monster penguins back to normal. His indefinite cuteness should be able to change back all the monster penguins. Reluctantly, Skipper allowed Private to enter the machine. The North Wind helped the penguins to get near the machine. Dave tried to stop the penguins but he failed with Skipper using a Cheesy Dribble to press the button on the remote control of the machine.

Private's cuteness struck all the monster penguins, even the ones caught by the pest exterminator. The monster penguins turned back into cute penguins. Worriedly, Skipper, Kowalski and Rico found Private. As they watched, Private suddenly had horns.

Back at the zoo, they got Maurice into the machine to strike cuteness to Private. Private turned back into his normal cute self. Skipper acknowledges Private as an important member of the team. Private is pleased.

The End

Halfway typing this review, I remembered an unpleasant incident. T-Chan was being annoying and damn unpleasant by suddenly telling me to control myself. After exiting the cinema, T-Chan explained how I apparently was laughing at a scene which was not funny so ended up I was the only one laughing. Indirectly like saying laugh alone is embarrassing. Seriously spoiled my mood because the movie was nearly at the end when T-Chan said that. So I didn't want to type this review that week. And needless to say, I was unhappy after that. Baka T-Chan.

Anyway, minus that unpleasant incident, I did enjoy the movie since I was laughing at most of the part. It's a hilarious movie to watch and Private being insecure of his position in the team.

Verdict: 8/10

I would have preferred to know how the three got together instead of solely focusing on Private only.

And still, baka T-Chan!

Okay, bye!
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  1. Ooh! This is a nice post. I have seen this movie before. It was fun watching it with my kids. Thanks a lot for sharing this post here. I really want to watch it again. Soon I am going to finish watching shows by Andy Yeatman that are available on Netflix.


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