Expectations in 2015

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I have been putting this off because since time immemorial I suck at keeping up with my resolutions. Lol.

So I am rephrasing this resolution hype and using the term 'Expectations' instead. Sounds doable just by using that term. Wtf.

Okay, let's break down my expectations into half month's period.

For the First Half of 2015, I expect myself to be a better blogger, who actually managed to do 75 posts in 2014. Therefore, the target number of posts for the First Half, yes, until June 2015, I aim to have 75 posts. Sounds a bit far fetched but it is a doable challenge. By looking for materials to blog about, I get to explore and research a lot more. Hence, a win-win situation for 'le awkward lady' and this blog's author. Lol. Besides, 75 posts in 6 months equals to 12/13 posts per month... Well, more or less per month. I might add minus per posts/month instead. As usual, no rules in my own blog! Lol.

Another expectation for First Half 2015 would be my upcoming trip to Japan. As I've said, I suck at planning, typical nothing planned as of yet. Should I be worried, I should because hey, it is about 3 months plus left for the trip! Wtf. Well, I did renewed my Malaysian Passport last Friday and... Oh, that's all. Lol. Okay, I better get into serious planning for the trip. I hope it will be a memorable trip as I have longed so much to go to Japan!

Two expectations for First Half and now for Second Half. 

Actually nothing much except I expect myself to hold out in my current occupation because I am still wondering how long to stay. Plus whether to start my probation license for professionalism or start my Masters. Or pursue my initial ambition. Lol.

Of course, Second Half would also be one of those books fair/sale. Wtf. My books collection is getting messy. I wish for a home so I can fit a room into a library. However, home purchase is off the cards until 2017, at least. A car is also out of the topic until a home is in view. Lol. I prefer a house compared to a car. With a car, I still need to think where to park it for the night! That is a nuisance, I tell you, unless you have a house but then, there is no absolute safety for cars. There will always be those opportunist thief who earns from other's misery. I digress.

It's funny how this is the first week of 2015 and here I am wondering how it would end. Not being sentimental but I wonder if the ending would be for the better or worse. 

I hope for a better ending, one which I am keen to strive for throughout this year.

Here's to another year with 'le awkward lady'! Lol.

Thanks for reading.


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