2014 in retrospect

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Actually this should be a cheat post because I have been whining posting about past events in 2014 here and here. Some bits in My Letter to 16 year old Me. Or this identity crisis I had due to the fasting month in July. Oh I had my First Giveaway! And I actually did 3 posts about me turning 23 (Once Twice Thrice). Talk about overusing that topic. Lol. I still haven't got the gift I wanted though.. 

Wtf redundant post lah this one. 

Ain't stopping me to type it though!

In exactly 30 minutes, it will be 1 January 2015. Another year has pass and a new year comes in. 

For 2014, there has been a lot to ponder about. I won't go into details per se as newspapers or more influential personalities has more or less cover that.

For myself, it is just like another year. Minus an unexpected one in November, a personal incident for my family. However, that incident did shed light on some bad apples..

Just to throw this information into this post: T-Chan's birthday is on 15 Dec. 
There, easier for me to remember next time. Wtf. I always fail at remembering birthdays.

I guess 2014 is a good year for me because while typing this and reminiscing, I find myself smiling. If that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is. Lol. 

A Happy New Year to everyone! 

I wish here first then come back blogging tomorrow, okay. If I don't pay back the sleep debt yet. 


P.S.: May Love continue to bloom in 2015. :)
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