Movie Review: Interstellar (2014)

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I went to watch Interstellar last Friday night.

... and I am still wondering what the movie is even now.

(Please skip until the last image, which will be almost the end of this post. Thank you.)

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Earth is like a dry planet with storm dusts and most of the human are now farmers.

A mysterious rip in spacetime opens and it's up to whatever is left of NASA to explore and offer up hope for mankind.

So four selected explorers blast off into space. Their mission?

To find a suitable planet based on data from the other explorers who had left earlier.

First planet they landed on happened to have a huge time gap: 1 hour on the planet equals 7 years on Earth. If I remembered right.

Not only that, it was submerged in water and kept being in waves and waves of tsunami-like phenomenon. Damn, I sound clever. Wtf. 

After a mishap, they blasted back up and learned that time had indeed traveled faster while they were on the planet. 

That part seriously had me thinking. It is totally different to read and imagine it but to watch it happening? Seeing your son grow up into a man, marrying then having a baby; while you haven't aged in the slightest.

The second and supposedly the last planet to visit due to limited fuel, provided some villain-like plot into the movie. The explorer on that planet, lying for his own survival, decided to continue  his 'noble' mission by stealing the ship back to space. 

This part scared me. Okay, compression bla bla bla, that's all that got into my head. To see how serious the aftermath? Woah, I don't want anywhere near that incident. Admittedly my voice was too loud. Dumb T-chan making me feel guilty for being noisy. I can't help it if that part scared me. Right? Wtf.

Anyway, the two explorers who survived decided on a last ditch attempt on another planet near the black hole. Until one of them secretly wanted to enter into the ripped spacetime.

Okay, interesting part and still had me wondering. 


The explorer somehow ended up in some fourth dimensional space. Super unreal, I tell you and making me dizzy just looking at the screen.

Then using gravity, he moved the little hand of a watch to leave a Morse code of the coordinates of... Great, I forgot what those coordinates are for.

Well, after that unnerving part, he appeared floating in space and was rescued and is back on a bed.

Waking up and looking through a window, outside seemed ordinary enough but hey, there's a house upside down.

That moment... Wow. 

It is like knowing one of Doraemon's gadget came true. The anti-gravitational paint. Haha. Just kidding.

The movie ends with him deciding to travel back to find the lone explorer on the last planet.

The End.

One fun fact?

Please click on Interstellar and surf through the website. I stumbled into that website and let's just say, I am impressed. But still, I suck at anything physics. Haha.

Verdict: 8/10

I would love to watch it again, just so that some part of it sink enough into my brain. The phrase 'Time waits for no one' is really serious in this movie. 

Therefore, go watch it now!

Bye and thanks for reading.

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