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Before anybody mentions it, I am not a movie enthusiast. I just happened to have time to watch movies. Haha. Plus I had another movie on Tuesday night. Can't wait to blog about it.

I went to watch Big Hero 6 with my friend, Ilah on last Sunday. We spoilt ourselves by watching it in 3D! Yay!!

(Please skip to the last image, which is almost to the end of this post. Thank you.)

Meet Baymax, a hug-able marshmallow.

Nah, I'm kidding.

The story starts with a boy, Hiro Hamada in what seems like his first Bot Fight. Little did the opponent know though, Hiro has a kick-ass little robot.

With such an innocent smiley face on the little robot, I thought Hiro would lose. Then head spins and an evil smirk is on the face of the robot. Kick-ass little robot style! It's a thrill to watch it move!

But uh-oh, the opponent is a sore loser. Booo~

Tadashi, Hiro's older brother comes and pulls Hiro away from danger but yeah, they still end up at the police station.

Being stubborn and energetic, Hiro immediately decides on his next bot fight. Tadashi cunningly brings him to the university of nerds. Oh yeah, it is a nerd school.

There, Hiro meets Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred. Plus, he sees their inventions, well, except for Fred's. Cool inventions! 

Then Tadashi introduces Baymax, a robot programmed to heal the sick and injured.

Super cute and adorable really.

After that, Hiro meets Professor Callaghan. Interested by the lab and meeting the professor, Hiro decides to enter the same university.

And he creates the most awesome robot, a microbot.

Controlled by a neural-cranial transmitter, the microbots prove to be a hit at the exhibition and earns Hiro a spot in the university.

However, a fire breaks out the exhibition hall. Tadashi, hearing that the professor is still inside the hall, rushes in to rescue him.

An explosion and Hiro is left staring at the hall in flames.

After the funeral of the professor and Tadashi, Hiro secludes himself and refuses to go to the university.

While picking up his little robot, a part drops and he lets out an 'Ow'.

Suddenly, Baymax activates from his brother's room. Hiro, still in his moody attitude, nonchalantly tells Baymax anything including yes to follow the sole's microbot direction.

Frantically, Hiro runs after Baymax and they stop at an old abandoned warehouse.

Puzzled, Hiro decides to explore the warehouse. He finds out that his microbots are being manufactured in thousands. 

A man in a kabuki mask appears and controls the microbots.

Hiro barely escapes with Baymax. He tries to report to the police station but the policeman seems not to believe him much.

Frustrated, Hiro returns home and decides to track down the masked man. He improves Baymax by uploading the sensors for karate. Hurriedly, they return to the warehouse but it is empty.

However, the sole mircobot leads them to the port. The masked man appears from the sea, carrying a part of a machine.

Tadashi's friends arrive at the port and helps Hiro escape from the masked man.

Hiro is determined to find out the masked man's identity. He suggests his friends to change themselves into something more. Hiro starts inventing stuffs based on their inventions, using it as weapons.

While testing the flight ability of Baymax's newest improvements, they find out that the masked man is on an island.

The group hurries there.

They find the control room and watch a rewinding of a failed experiment involving a transporter. A woman pilot seemingly died in the experiment.

Suddenly, the masked man appears and fights with them.

The group fail to cooperate and when the masked man seems to win, Hiro is thrown into the masked man.

The mask falls off and reveals the face of the professor.

Shocked and angry, Hiro instructed Baymax to kill the professor. Baymax turns into a killer machine and pushes off anything in the way.

Honey Lemon manages to insert Tadashi's program back into Baymax and stop him. However, Baymax's sensors are damaged. Hiro, still angry, flies of back to his house and fixes the sensors. And he leaves the others on the island. Luckily, Fred has his helicopter ready to fly back.

Baymax tells Hiro that Tadashi is still here and replays Tadashi's recordings while inventing Baymax.

Touched, Hiro realizes his mistake.

They discover the connection for the professor's sudden evil personality in the recording of the failed experiment. The woman pilot is the professor's daughter. The professor, unable to accept her death, blames it on Krei.

The professor attacks Krei at the launch of a new building. Hiro and the gang come and tries to reason with the professor. 

However, the professor is adamant. He wants revenge and fights with Hiro and the rest.

The professor is winning the fight when Hiro realizes that the microbots are being pulled into the machine. He tells the others to think from another angle to help them escape and smash the connected microbots so that the microbots disconnect and gets suck into the machine.

The professor loses but the machine is still working. 

Suddenly, Baymax said that he senses a life form from the machine; a woman.

Hurriedly, Hiro and Baymax fly into the machine and find the ship of the pilot.

While they are maneuvering towards the exit, Baymax protects Hiro from an incoming huge debris.

The only way to get Hiro and the ship out is to use Baymax's rocket fist. 

Hiro and the ship got out from the machine just before it blows up.

The professor is taken to the police station and the gang disappears.

The next day, all seems normal and Hiro goes into his brother's room at the lab.

He takes out the remaining fist of Baymax and notices something in the fist. It's the program for Baymax.

Hiro constructs a new Baymax, exactly like the original one.

At then end of the movie, Hiro, Baymax and the gang decide to be the hero of the city.

The End.

I give too much spoilers, I know. But that's how interesting it is!

Verdict: 9/10

Because why did Tadashi had to die when he is so cute? Haha! This is a fun movie to watch. There was so much laughter in the cinema hall and you know the audience was enjoying it. 

Baymax, come here and be my hug-able marshmallow!

Oh if you want a cute Baymax to hold on, Sushi King is having a promotion.

Go watch now!

Bye and thanks for reading.
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  1. Lots of fun watching this movie.

  2. Haha! I haven't watched the movie but since I read your review (it's very good since you're telling the story in your own way) I felt like I already watched the movie. :)


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