Contest: L'Oréal Paris 10-weeks Beauty Countdown

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I have an interesting contest to tell you about. It's  L'Oréal Paris 10-weeks #beautycountdown starting from 1st November until 31st December.

You can click on the image above and will be directed to their website.

What do you have to do to be in the contest?
  • Spend RM20 and above on ANY  L'Oréal Paris products.
  • Upload a photo of your receipt.
  • Answer a question on the website.
They are giving away AMAZING daily and weekly prizes over the next 10  weeks to reward their highest spenders.

If you spend the most OVERALL on  L'Oréal Paris products by 31st December 2014, the Grand Prize is a brand new car worth over RM100,000.

There are so many  L'Oréal Paris products to choose from; a gift for the men in the house and the ladies in the house,  L'Oréal Paris got your cover especially with the season of gifting approaching!

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun!


In case anyone thinks of getting me L'Oréal Paris products as a gift for any occasions... - lifts eyebrows- I do appreciate lipsticks, eyeliners and nail polish. So far, I am a huge fan of their hair serum; it works wonders on my coloured hair. ;)

One more tip?

I am colourful though I don't show that side of me much so you don't have to think too hard on the colours. Heck, you can give me your favourite colour as well!

Thanks a lot in advance! Wtf so shameless to suggest gifting me. Haha.

Currently using the 2nd generation! *Lame but I was tempted to mention that! Haha.

 L'Oréal Paris images are provided by The Butterfly Project:

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