A Letter to 16 year old Me

6:00 PM


I actually saw this #letterto16yo treading on Dayre and wanted to type it out there.

But since my blog has been empty until half of the month, why not write it here? 

P.S: I did write some posts and scheduled them sparingly so it won't flood my blog. Haha.

So, what would I tell my 16 year old?

A Letter to 16 year old ME


Great year you had last year. Don't worry, chances are only you yourself would remember what happened. Thankfully, you are better now even if you do get upset and angry when you remembered it occasionally later.

Guess what? You can't remember half of what happened which is the best thing to have amnesia  and your 23 year old here is talking gibberish. Hey, at least that didn't change much. Haha.

Anyway, 2014 is going to be about the best year you've had in your life time. Quite a lot of stuff to look forward to in 2014. But don't skip to this year if you happened to find a time machine there. Along the way, please trip and fall down. 

Because really, all those falls made you so much stronger.

Oh but you still can't control your tears. Damn annoying crybaby habit stuck whenever you face something hurtful or unpleasant. Haha.

Let me tell you what to expect in 2014.

  1. At last you got your driver's license! Okay, you might fail the first on-the-road test but you passed brilliantly on the second try. You were so happy to get that P. Wtf.
  2. You will have brilliant friends. Oh don't worry if you have a crush on one of your guy friends. Because you actually told him how you feel. But now you and him get along well as friends and you appreciate him as one of your closest friends.Plus, you get to be the therapist for your friend. Another close friend will be the cutest, most adorable lady that you wish you are a guy instead so you can love her to bits. Haha. Note to self: Keep in touch with them. You do miss them sometimes.
  3. You did your internship and guess what? You decided to start your first job there as well. Granted, you were actually doubting yourself. Should you be there or try seek somewhere else. Part of the reason for staying is because you had a friend there so it was reassuring. Another part is because you were still unsure what you were going to do in life. Until now, a part of you just wants to get into journalism or learn more about the language you depend your life on. Wtf you still despise those other languages for the reasons that some idiots look down on you.
  4. Another thing to note is that you are okay with being alone. Yes, some people will annoyingly say eating alone looks lonely but you are free to spend some time alone to think on your own. You will find that you get guilty when people ask you for lunch when actually you wanted to be alone. For now, you try to always be the first to ask so the guilt won't be on you.
  5. There was a reason you joined drama. Don't quit it, suck it up even if he is also in the drama team. That drama practices you had? They worth a lot to get you through your job. So don't quit it and enjoy it. Even if it did turned out to be unpleasant. But your job in the future requires some tactful drama. Believe me. Wtf.
  6. The guy you will meet and want to hold on has the one thing you really despised. But you still want to hold on to him. You will like him for who he really is because he seems like a kid. Haha. Even now, this 23 year old finds him annoyingly attractive. Oh before you meet him, you will meet some other guys. Go through them, break their feelings and yours in the process; let that be and you get stronger and know what you want in a guy.
  7. Did I tell you that you are going to be one of the luckiest lady in the world? Not about love, okay, maybe that part. But in 2014, especially near the end of 2014. You will feel so happy and glad that you are alive, to be here now.
And that, my dear, is why you should put up your chin and face the storm and rain.

Trust me, you are happier now than that previous year.

P.S.: I write honestly on my blog. Okay, maybe 80% honesty. If I'm to write 100% honesty, the guilt feeling creeps in because I don't want to offend anyone. Haha.
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