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ESCADA Joyful -- Smile at the world, and the world smiles back

Joy is a state of mind and this feeling is perfectly captured in the enticing new fragrance from ESCADA – ESCADA Joyful.  The luminous scent embodies happiness in a bottle. The ESCADA Joyful woman approaches life with positivity, spontaneity and confidence; captivated by the beauty in the world and this shows in all that she does, helping her to experience #JoyfulMoments. 

Inspired by the moment of joy one feels when receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, the fragrance reveals a beautiful, fresh pink peony, surrounded by dewy white florals, awakening an inner feminine happiness.  And this new fragrance features a new face – international supermodel Miranda Kerr – whose outlook on life and natural sophistication, confidence and spontaneity, reflect the many facets of ESCADA Joyful. She is the ESCADA woman. 
“I am delighted to be associated with ESCADA Joyful.  I love what the fragrance stands for – it’s about seizing the small opportunities, and finding pleasure and joy in the moments that make up your day.  For me, the scent conjures beautiful memories of hand-picking a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is enriched with undertones of earthy sandalwood and delicate pink peony which I absolutely adore, as peony’s are one my favourite flowers!” , said Miranda.

The campaign was shot in September 2013, by renowned fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg in New York’s Roosevelt Island. Joyful’s advertising campaign is built around the concept of tranquil gardens hidden in a bustling city.  Set during the early hours of the morning, the heroine deviates from her usual route and makes her way into the gardens.  Dressed in a specially designed ESCADA gown, with the wind brushing against her face, she walks carefree then sees a splendid carousel in the distance.  Anticipating the pleasure and joy, she runs to the carousel and climbs on.  She lives in the moment, relishing the #JoyfulMoments - enjoying her ride with the city skyline in the background.

Delicate and light like morning dew, ESCADA Joyful is a delightfully floral scent.   Magnolia oil and pink peony are enhanced by the newly synthesised moss note, called Florimoss, which adds depth to the fragrance, and gives it a transparent, creamy character.
The fragrance opens with blackcurrant sorbet which releases a gentle icy sensation to the skin.  Energising notes of mandarin and   melon give the fragrance a free-spirited, playful energy.

The transparent flacon showcases the soft pink juice.  At the neck of the bottle is an embossed iconic “double E” logo, whilst a pink jeweled top crowns the flacon, wrapped in a gold finish.

The Line Up
Eau de Parfum 75ml              RM355                   
Eau de Parfum 50ml              RM 275               
Eau de Parfum 30ml              RM 196             
Body Lotion 150ml                RM 116
Shower Gel 150ml                 RM 104

Available at leading department stores and perfumeries from October 2014.

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