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PR:Gerald Butler- the new face for BOSS BOTTLED

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Press Release

New BOSS BOTTLED fragrance campaign unveils new perspective on masculinity
The conviction at the heart of the new BOSS BOTTLED campaign by BOSS Parfums has lead to its declaration that today’s men are the best they have ever been!  Convinced that modern day masculinity plus renewed male traits such as chivalry and courage elicited this positive and provocative statement.
With this in mind, the new BOSS BOTTLED campaign unravels new perspectives on masculinity. Men today are passionate and real; have grit yet refinement; are in touch with emotions, and driven while compassionate. The notion of success has also changed significantly; no longer does traditional, external success define today’s man; instead he creates his own, varied story of success. This redefinition of masculinity blends with the ideals of BOSS BOTTLED. It is the scent that complements the Man of Today and his path to success.

Starting a new chapter in the history of the fragrance and celebrating its continued success, BOSS Parfums reveals Gerard Butler as the new face of BOSS BOTTLED.  The Man of Today, personifying strength, chivalry, charm and the complexity of modern times, Gerard Butler perfectly mirrors modern masculinity and embodies the values of BOSS BOTTLED.  Whether it is studying law, doing charity work, or his successful acting career,  Gerard Butler grasps life with confidence, passion and an innate drive to succeed.
 “I love what I do and I try to have a lot of fun in my life. I consider myself to be dedicated, and motivated, but at the same time I try to be compassionate with others. I think that’s important – the Man of Today is not just about himself, but about how he inspires and invigorates other people.”
Gerard Butler, BOSS BOTTLED Ambassador
Dynamic and timeless, the BOSS BOTTLED fragrance has been guiding men to success for over 15 years since its launch in 1998.  A timeless classic,  this subtle composition of extraordinary ingredients, which are still contemporary masculine notes today, and the addition of vanilla, traditionally an ingredient in female fragrances, was regarded as revolutionary at launch.
Sharp with a warm woody base, BOSS BOTTLED is unmistakably masculine with fruity and citrus top notes of apple, lemon and plum, with the added spice of cinnamon and clove. The contrast of the masculine spicy wood notes and the unconventional fruity vanilla notes intrigues, but never goes off balance.
The clean, sleek design of the glass flacon represents the classic BOSS ideals of elegance and style; much like a striking suit.  The captivating shape is the embodiment of sophisticated understatement and functional elegance. BOSS BOTTLED is a timeless classic, for men in the past and the Man of Today.
BOSS BOTTLED – The Collection
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml RM193
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml RM245
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml RM324
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 200ml RM450
BOSS BOTTLED Aftershave Lotion 100ml RM237
Available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries from October 2014.


Foodiescapadee: Rendez-Vous@Bangsar

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Rendez-Vous at Bangsar

The Quiche was nice and I loved the Salad more.

The Salted Cod Fish was as it said- salted. I didn't like it much because of the saltiness. On the other hand, the Fruits Salad was too sweet.

100 Lorong Maarof,
59000, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-22020206

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own as well as photos published here unless stated accordingly. Permission is required if you would like to use my photos.

Note: I am not a food blogger hence my opinions on food are very limited and straightforward.
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Press Release

PR:Colin Farrell is the new face for Dolce&Gabbana INTENSO

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Press Release

Dolce&Gabbana Fragrances is pleased to announce internationally acclaimed actor Colin Farrell as the face of its new male fragrance, INTENSO.
This marks his debut appearance for Dolce&Gabbana, with the fragrance and campaign to be revealed in the coming months. The launch will showcase Colin Farrell as the perfect testimonial of the modern day Dolce&Gabbana man.


Churpremiere of 'The Book of Life'

11:30 AM

My very first #Churpremiere on 14th October 2014!

Imagine I just got back from a work trip from Kuantan around 7.30pm, tidy myself up then rush to TGV, One Utama, to watch this? :D 

I managed to arrive at TGV in time before they packed up too!

Talked about doing the 007 mission or Running Man's mission. 

Why I MUST watch this?

Because I find the #TheBookOfLifeMY trailer enticing with its humour and the characters' artistic representation.

Watch it below:

I love Maria for being the type of lady I want to be, independent from man. Love how she says, 'Men.' :P

Plus she knows fencing! And in this movie, she is the mastermind of trouble making. The two boys? They are head over heels for her. Poor boys... xD

Two gods, La Muerta and Xibalba make a wager of which boy will marry Maria. La Muerta/Manolo while Xibalba/Joaquin. Manolo grows up loving his guitar but following his father's wish to be a matador. Joaquin becomes a hero, unbeatable but with the help of a secret badge.

Maria? She was sent off to learn to be a respectable lady.

On the day of Manolo's first matador show to prove himself a proud Sanchez, Maria also came back, as well as Joaquin. However, Manolo finds it wrong to finish the bull by killing it. His principle didn't go well with the crowd, except Maria who clapped for him.

The song that came after that? Played by Manolo from his heart? Aihhh... How can I not like guys with guitars and if they sing so well.. Gosh, I swooned.

Maria's father had a party with an intention to ask Maria to force Joaquin to stay in their town. From this part, Maria showed that she does not have the traditional mindset which men usually have about their ladies. She was furious with Joaquin for implying that all a lady does is cook and clean in the house. Only after Maria left the table did Joaquin realized that.

Meanwhile Manolo had not been invited to the party due to the shame from the matador show. His friends of musicians tried to cheer him up by suggesting to sing to Maria. They provided the humour needed to liven up the movie.

After their horrible yet amusing attempts, Manolo sings his music. Ahhhh... Remembering it makes me wish that there is a Manolo somewhere. While he was singing for Maria, Joaquin happened to see them and getting scared that he may lose Maria, he immediately proposed to her. 

Maria was stuck between the love of two men. But by this moment, it was obvious that she preferred Manolo. Her father, instead, insisted on Joaquin who will save them from Chakal, the evil bandit.

Maria returned to her room, angry and upset that she had to make a choice. Manolo asked her to meet him outside the town before dawn.

I love the choice of music for this; Can't help falling in love.

Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you...
*my singing is horrible, trust me on that one. :P

The part where Manolo nearly got bitten by the snake? Gosh, I gasped at that part. I thought the snake would bite him dead for sure. But no! Maria came to the rescue. She saved him! She pushed Manolo away and got bitten instead. Damn sneaky that part when my prediction didn't happen. Hahaha. Good one, script writer. *Claps

Then Xibalba comes and makes the offer that Manolo just can't refuse; be dead to be with the one he loves.

That part had me fuming. Like what logic, she dies and you go jump into a cliff. 

However, after Manolo is dead, he entered the Place of the Remembered, where it is always happy and full of festivities. Here, he asked for help to find Maria, who he assumed had died.

But in La Muerta's place was Xibalba instead. The wager was won by him because Manolo decided to die, making Maria choose Joaquin due to her father's pressure. Yes, Maria was alive, thanks to the secret badge on Joaquin. Later on, the badge is actually called the Badge of Everlasting Life. Basically, Immortal Badge. It also turned out that Chakal wants it. 

Then the rush begins for Manolo to find a way to go back to the living. He rushed to La Muerta's new place with the help of his dead mother and grandfather. They met the Candle Man and the Book of Life. Suddenly the chapter of Manolo's life is not written in the book and Manolo is writing his own story.

They met La Muerta and told her of Xibalba's cheat. Xibalba refused to admit his cheat and Manolo had to wager a new bet. Xibalba took the offer and created an arena for a matador show so that Manolo will lose to his own weakness. He had to defeat so many bulls. 

Just when all hopes seemed lost and Manolo had to choose between the sword or a guitar, he did the unthinkable. He started singing to the bull, asking for forgiveness.

Honestly, I found it amusing; singing to a bull. But it was also touching to ask for forgiveness from a bull. 

Manolo won the wager and returned to the living just in time to help defeat Chakal who is invading the town. Joaquin had lost the badge and turned into a coward. However, when Maria was grabbed by Chakal, both friends helped to save her.

The fight was almost over when suddenly Chakal shouted that he will blow up the whole town with dynamites on his body. Manolo rushed in and made Chakal stuck with him under a huge bell from the church.

Maria thought Manolo had blown up under the bell with Chakal. However, when the bell was lifted up, Manolo appeared unharmed. Joaquin had quickly threw the Badge of Everlasting Life to Manolo and it had stuck on Manolo's chest. Joaquin agreed that he will also stop living under a shadow, the shadow of his dead father who was the greatest hero in the kingdom.

At the end, Maria chose Manolo. Joaquin had tons of other admirers. La Muerta and Xibalba? They are in love with each other again.

Oh how the story started?

A group of kids from a school had come for a museum trip. A pretty lady offered to show them around and she brought them to a hidden place. She is the one telling the story of Maria, Manolo and Joaquin. At the end of the story and trip, it was revealed that she is actually La Muerta.

My rating: 3/5

Honestly, the movie is fast-paced with not a really good story line as everything felt being pushed forward. Especially when I started writing this review, I felt that the movie is short with not much detail in it. Maria comes back, Joaquin proposes, Manolo dies, Maria chooses to marry Joaquin, evil bandits come, Manolo lives, bandit wants to blow up town, Manolo self sacrifice (again?), Joaquin actually saves Manolo, bandit loses, Maria marries Manolo.

Oh yeah, the above practically sums it all up and I am so bad at recollections. Hahaha.

What compensates for the story line is the art in the movie. The characters are nicely done, detailed and colourful. The choice of music is also good.

Therefore, my score is 3/5; nice but just isn't there to make people want to watch it again except if they love the art and detailing.


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Press Release


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Press Release
ESCADA Joyful -- Smile at the world, and the world smiles back

Joy is a state of mind and this feeling is perfectly captured in the enticing new fragrance from ESCADA – ESCADA Joyful.  The luminous scent embodies happiness in a bottle. The ESCADA Joyful woman approaches life with positivity, spontaneity and confidence; captivated by the beauty in the world and this shows in all that she does, helping her to experience #JoyfulMoments. 

Inspired by the moment of joy one feels when receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, the fragrance reveals a beautiful, fresh pink peony, surrounded by dewy white florals, awakening an inner feminine happiness.  And this new fragrance features a new face – international supermodel Miranda Kerr – whose outlook on life and natural sophistication, confidence and spontaneity, reflect the many facets of ESCADA Joyful. She is the ESCADA woman. 
“I am delighted to be associated with ESCADA Joyful.  I love what the fragrance stands for – it’s about seizing the small opportunities, and finding pleasure and joy in the moments that make up your day.  For me, the scent conjures beautiful memories of hand-picking a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is enriched with undertones of earthy sandalwood and delicate pink peony which I absolutely adore, as peony’s are one my favourite flowers!” , said Miranda.

The campaign was shot in September 2013, by renowned fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg in New York’s Roosevelt Island. Joyful’s advertising campaign is built around the concept of tranquil gardens hidden in a bustling city.  Set during the early hours of the morning, the heroine deviates from her usual route and makes her way into the gardens.  Dressed in a specially designed ESCADA gown, with the wind brushing against her face, she walks carefree then sees a splendid carousel in the distance.  Anticipating the pleasure and joy, she runs to the carousel and climbs on.  She lives in the moment, relishing the #JoyfulMoments - enjoying her ride with the city skyline in the background.

Delicate and light like morning dew, ESCADA Joyful is a delightfully floral scent.   Magnolia oil and pink peony are enhanced by the newly synthesised moss note, called Florimoss, which adds depth to the fragrance, and gives it a transparent, creamy character.
The fragrance opens with blackcurrant sorbet which releases a gentle icy sensation to the skin.  Energising notes of mandarin and   melon give the fragrance a free-spirited, playful energy.

The transparent flacon showcases the soft pink juice.  At the neck of the bottle is an embossed iconic “double E” logo, whilst a pink jeweled top crowns the flacon, wrapped in a gold finish.

The Line Up
Eau de Parfum 75ml              RM355                   
Eau de Parfum 50ml              RM 275               
Eau de Parfum 30ml              RM 196             
Body Lotion 150ml                RM 116
Shower Gel 150ml                 RM 104

Available at leading department stores and perfumeries from October 2014.

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