Rants from deep within

12:25 AM


I have been passively blogging these past weeks... if you accept Press Release as blogging. 
Which technically isn't if you understand well what blogging means.
Excuse me for being emotionally unstable at the moment.
Still transitioning into career mode from university-student mode.

It is an idiotic title for a blog post.
Yes, I meant that literally.

Let me count my blessings so far, for this year.

I got my driver's license in March. At last, finally! Even if I did failed on the road test at first because, honestly, who doesn't go over the white line when exiting a junction? Pffttt. Well, I passed on the second try but damn just for that one part is kinda shit. Wtf.

I finished my internship with joy. No kidding, at least. Even though I had my wtf moments during. Anyway, I got my first job there. That's all on the career track... or path, whatever.

Another meaningful aspect in my life? I moved out from my parents' place. Like finally! Don't get me wrong, I love my family but wtf driving from Shah Alam to KL?? Torturous, horrible, most upsetting moment, I even got near hysterical going through it 5 days a week. It was detrimental. So I had to move out nearer to KL or my sanity will not last long. Plus I love my room now, it's near perfect, with convenient access to food. :)

Next month I will have a momentous event: My Graduation. Saying goodbye to a 4-year course which honestly only imparted me with nuggets of wisdom in handling humans. Literally speaking.

I am not really typing what I want to right now. I still have the passion to do journalism or literature or anything close to writing my heart out. I love English, even if I butcher it myself. Wtf, Give me my love of writing nonsense back. 

Currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and I say, wtf, I miss reading books like this so so so much! The words, the sentences, the humour in them... T.T What have I miss these past months?

... wtf, I AM emotionally unstable. 

Okay, one more blog post to type and schedule then back to reading my love.

Mere expectations
With naught a promise
Lies of inaction
Causes Love demise.

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