My Unplanned (Virgin) Chili's Encounter

7:00 AM


I seldom rarely write about food. Because 10 out of 10, I will forget what I ate. True story.

Plus, my first time into Chili's.
... where have I lived all those 4 years in KL?? Wtf. Damn recluse one this lady. Lol.

Just for the record, it was not planned. My friend suddenly had this brilliant idea to persuade me into accompanying him for dinner. Damn suave guy can persuade people. Wtf.

We went to Chili's branch at Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Me and my menu-obsessed picture

He decided to order this before our mains arrived. Then he disliked the sauce. To me, it was nice.

Southwestern Grilled Lamb, cooked medium well

The meat was tender and yummy, literally I loved every bit of morsel in that plate. Lol.

The mashed potatoes is to die for! Soft with some chunks, melted in my mouth.

Yeah, I love this dish. Give me more of this.

I couldn't believe I could polish of the plate. My friend even doubted me. Pfffttt.

I was tempted to drink wine but I was the one driving so had a mocktail, Mango Fizz which is quite good.

Then he suggested Souled Out next week.
... Wtf, go win a lottery la, Bro!

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