Backlog of blog posts

7:37 PM


The contents are pretty much summed up in the title above.

I have been feeling laid back when I have backlog. Then my combo deal of illness strike. Aih. To actually have sore throat, flu, fever THEN my period decided to come one week ealier. Yeah, TMI. 

I digress.

I will try to do my backlog as much as I can. I feel really bad that my July didn't have more posts. 

So sorry, dear bloggie. *accepts punishment from bloggie >~<"

On another note, this August has a lot in store! Especially an event at Sunway coming 9 & 10 next next week. I hope I get to buy *cough secret! *cough from the event for that super special event happening December!!

Okay, time for dinner then let my fingers do the typing...

Argh, I still need my mind to be well or I end up with gibberish posts.



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