Readers' Special: GlamGlow Samples

9:00 AM


Guess what?

YES, save the date on 14th July and go get a sample.

Curious what is GlamGlow?

Here's a video. :)

Okay, besides Youthmud and Supermud, there are other products to get! I am especially targeting Brightmud. Hehe

Now go visit Sephora for these wonder products! I'm trying to make time for my visit just to check out the brand, hearing so many good reviews about it.

Oh, to remind you about the samples on 14th July.

No harm posting it twice, right? ;)

You don't have to print out. Just show to the SA at the selected Sephora outlets.

Let me know if you get the sample. I would love to hear your review about it too.


And save the date, either put on alarm if you must so you don't miss it! :D

Pictures are from The Butterfly Project. Do join the group as they have exciting activities for bloggers!

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