Of internship and My life plans

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I finished my internship last Friday, 4th July. I just have to send in my report then officially finish my 4 years study in University of Malaya. Oh and I have convocation! Bring out the confetti on that day! Yeah!!

My internship has been a roller coaster ride, literally.

I typed a lot just now but decided that I was ranting so deleted them. Ranting takes me nowhere, I should face those problems.

Okay, just one rant. 
Why no cheaper, better quality food near my company? Damn sad one the food expensive if want more nutrition but so cheap is just to fatten oneself?? There goes my good figure... Pffft, I lie, no good figure to begin with even.

Anyway, I got work at my intern company.

Next on my life plans is to save, invest then see how it goes. 

By saving, just in case I need emergency cash. 
By investing, I need to read more and know how it is. Maybe unit trust, maybe property if I am able too. But what I need is to keep up to date with how the stuff goes. :)

Marriage? Haha! 5-7 years later. 

No thanks but I want to buy my own car, house and whatever that I fancy first, by my own means. Not as gifts or shared purchases. That way, I owe nothing to my partner. ;)

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