What am I?

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I'm so amused by how some people have started to label me.

It's either they want me to wear a significant dress or scarve then only they are self assured that they know what am I.

For your information, I'm a mix Iban and Chinese, though my birth certificate says I'm Iban and Melanau. I have fair skin and small eyes. Lol. Here you would assume that I'm Chinese.

And I would have been but no. I don't grow up in a Chinese setting. My parents don't speak any Chinese dialect. Mother language AKA language first learnt for me is English. Occasionally, there is Bahasa Malaysia. Yes, Malaysians, it's the acronym BM, last time I checked. Some smart aleck poisoned that it belongs to one particular race instead of THE national language.

I digress.

Not growing up in a Chinese setting, I didn't know how to use chopsticks, to love Bak Kut Teh, receive Ang Pow, wear cheongsam... Lol. I grew up just being me.

It was a torture all the way into university. I didn't belong anyway. No kidding. 

Even in Sarawak, if you don't know their language, your social life goes down. It was hard so I hated it that time. Thanks for having siblings, at least I still have my own 'circle'. Lol.

My identity during school years was an issue but it didn't bother me because no one would ask about it.

Only when I started university in KL that the identity issue becomes both my blessing and a curse. Yeah, dramatic.

I mentioned fair skin and small eyes? Most people assume that means I'm Chinese then they assume I would speak some Chinese dialect. Ouch! Red light!

The moment they know that I don't and I'm not purely a Chinese, goodbye and never/rarely speak with me. Doesn't matter if they could actually speak in BM or English, they would dump me right there and then.

So I befriended my Malay friends. 

And this was the beginning of my blessing and curse.

Most of my Malay friends wear tudung. I don't. I'm Christian though of late I'm thinking of free thinker.

Anyway, the issue?

'Are you Chinese or Malay?'

Every damn f***ing time this question will pop up from a stranger!! Wtf.

I wouldn't bother much about it but now it's becoming more frequent.

And annoying max at my workplace because hey, it's Ramadhan month, fasting month.

My name doesn't help... Julianna. Pffft! Assumptions-ridden people go assume I'm Malay by the name. So smart aleck one. Wtf.

Haih. I'm blessed because my face features make me unique until strangers can use it as an opening. Lol.

My curse? 

What am I?

I don't like people assuming my race and religion. Heck, until this fasting month is over, 9/10 people will think I'm a Malay girl having her period since I'm eating. Wtf

And I'm not kidding. A cashier at Subway suggested that I don't eat openly since people would mistaken me as Malay. #youhavegottobejokingme

Frankly, I'm waiting for that rare moment that somebody actually walks to me and say, 'You're from Sarawak,right? Because you look different than the majority here in Peninsular.'

Oh yeah, that'll be the day. #wishingonreality

For now, I'll bear with it.

But honestly, this blessing and curse?

I just want to be me without the judgement.

Thank you.


Readers' Special: GlamGlow Samples

9:00 AM


Guess what?

YES, save the date on 14th July and go get a sample.

Curious what is GlamGlow?

Here's a video. :)

Okay, besides Youthmud and Supermud, there are other products to get! I am especially targeting Brightmud. Hehe

Now go visit Sephora for these wonder products! I'm trying to make time for my visit just to check out the brand, hearing so many good reviews about it.

Oh, to remind you about the samples on 14th July.

No harm posting it twice, right? ;)

You don't have to print out. Just show to the SA at the selected Sephora outlets.

Let me know if you get the sample. I would love to hear your review about it too.


And save the date, either put on alarm if you must so you don't miss it! :D

Pictures are from The Butterfly Project. Do join the group as they have exciting activities for bloggers!

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Of internship and My life plans

12:24 AM


I finished my internship last Friday, 4th July. I just have to send in my report then officially finish my 4 years study in University of Malaya. Oh and I have convocation! Bring out the confetti on that day! Yeah!!

My internship has been a roller coaster ride, literally.

I typed a lot just now but decided that I was ranting so deleted them. Ranting takes me nowhere, I should face those problems.

Okay, just one rant. 
Why no cheaper, better quality food near my company? Damn sad one the food expensive if want more nutrition but so cheap is just to fatten oneself?? There goes my good figure... Pffft, I lie, no good figure to begin with even.

Anyway, I got work at my intern company.

Next on my life plans is to save, invest then see how it goes. 

By saving, just in case I need emergency cash. 
By investing, I need to read more and know how it is. Maybe unit trust, maybe property if I am able too. But what I need is to keep up to date with how the stuff goes. :)

Marriage? Haha! 5-7 years later. 

No thanks but I want to buy my own car, house and whatever that I fancy first, by my own means. Not as gifts or shared purchases. That way, I owe nothing to my partner. ;)

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Press Release

9:00 AM

Press Release

Game, set and match
LACOSTE launches EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Limited Edition

In June 2014, LACOSTE celebrates its tennis heritage and reinvents tradition with a limited edition of the EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc fragrance for men. Inspired by the iconic white L.12.12 polo shirt, EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc is a worldwide bestseller. The Limited Edition fragrance builds on the impressive sporting legacy of LACOSTE’s innovative founder, René Lacoste, reinventing the brand heritage to create a truly modern collectible scent with a nod to past.

The new Limited Edition contains the original and best-selling EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc scent. A woody, floral creation, it opens with a fresh and herbal blend of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and cedar leaf. Clean and aromatic, these notes blend with a masculine, floral heart accord containing tuberose, ylang ylang and olibanum. Base notes of cedarwood and georgywood merge with fresh notes of vetiver to create a scent that is classic and chic, much like the polo shirt that inspired it. 

The EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Limited Edition flacon mirrors the elegant simplicity and shape of the LACOSTE L.12.12 polo shirt, with a textured piqué panel running down the side of the flacon. The packaging draws on LACOSTE’s renowned tennis heritage, with neon yellow accents that are reminiscent of the traditional yellow tennis ball. LACOSTE gives the crocodile a new modern twist by transforming it into neon yellow, putting a flash of colour at the heart of the flacon, with the ‘L.12.12’ text seen across the flacon and the outer pack.

René Lacoste was a tenacious sportsman, winning numerous accolades and titles throughout his illustrious career, including an Olympic medal and seven Grand Slam championships. Passionate about tennis, and firmly believing that the best games are those that are played well, he defined it ‘le beau jeu’ (the beautiful game). As well as being known for his tenacity on the tennis court, in 1933 René Lacoste invented the polo shirt. Named L.12.12, L represents LACOSTE, 1 references the first choice of fabric, “petit pique”, 2 represents the short sleeves and 12 is the number of prototypes made before the final product. The EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 collection of fragrances for men captures the timeless spirit and authenticity of the polo shirt in a fragrance.

The polo shirt created a sensation when it first appeared in 1933 and has since been reprised many times since in a variety of colours. To coincide with the launch of EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Limited Edition, LACOSTE will release in May 2014 a limited edition polo shirt featuring a stripe on the collar in the same neon yellow tennis ball-inspired hue as the detail on the fragrance.

The Line Up
EDT 100 ml                 RM262

The fragrance is available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries from July 2014.


My First Giveaway Winners Announcement!

11:46 PM



My First Giveaway ended on 30th June at 11.59PM. It was such fun especially sharing it so more people would join. I love it as it makes me more active or I read bloggers' posts which I very seldom comment back. Yeah, I read but I really don't know what to comment about. I don't want to sound like a shallow comment and besides, I post one comment, you reply, then I won't know if you reply because there is no notification of reply. Haha. 

By using Rafflecopter, the winners are picked randomly, no favours. But I'm thinking of another giveaway and choose the most creative comment.

I have sent emails to the three winners for their details.

Now who are the three lucky winners to get their choice of Bourjois product?

Wan Nurul Jannah Binti Md Isa (Little Round Pot Blush)
LauraLeia (Healthy Mix Foundation)
Farah Aziz (Little Round Pot Blush)

Yay!! Three lucky winners announced!

All three must reply my email before 18 July so I can arrange the packaging and postage. Hopefully able to send before Raya. Then you three can use it for visits. :)

Once again, thank you so much to those who joined.


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