Me, Myself and I

7:00 PM


I actually typed a lot then found it is so whiny. I am never going to publish those whiny words. :P

Well, life is as it is. Take it or leave it, literally.

And guess what?

I don't care about the past no more. I'm going to toughen up and live my own life as how I see fit.

No more clinging to ideal love or whatever, that's rubbish talk because most of the time, it means compromising your own life.

No more feeling left out when my friends don't invite me. That's their choice and up to me to plan my own meet ups with them if I want to as well.

No more guilty feelings when I'm doing my own stuff. Like seriously, what makes me happy, leave me alone. As long as I don't do drugs, you have no right to argue with me.

No more hoping for good or better or best. There's a limit to hope. I should go out there and make it happen.

And so, I will start writing my story. Not my life story, no matter how dramatic it is, it won't be comfortable. :p

I miss my stories and will continue one of it which I publish here under Carl and Karl tags.

Okay, enough nonsense rants.

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