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As the title reads, hang on until the end of this post for something special from me.

I told my Roomie that I was going to go to Sunway Pyramid last Sunday with le family. Excitedly, she informed me of a new shop opening there called Bourjois. Me not being into cosmetics much, I didn't note it down. Haha...

But oh wow, it was near one of my favourite shops.

And with the obvious pink theme, I was drawn to it. Seriously against my will. :P

Some pictures I took of the outlet:

The testers counter

This drew me in, almost everything here, how to not stop and check it out?? :D

A big mirror to try out the stuffs


One of Bourjois Top 3

You must must go and check out Bourjois!

My Haul.

I was on the lookout for a lipstick, trying to add on my miserable lipstick collection.
I seriously have two, one is cheat lipgloss+lipstick actually.

So, I got these two loves.

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 12 Rose neon RM39.90 (Promotion: RM33.90)

Bourjois New Effet 3D Lipgloss in 56 Rose dynamic RM35.90

Yeah, separate me from lipglosses, they are my holy grail already wtf.

Got a gift as I was the first 30 customers with purchase of RM50 above.

It's a mirror with LED convenient if I ever apply my lipstick in the dark.

Powered by 4 batteries.

le lipstick

Just look at that pink shade!

Swatch on my hand

It is really pigmented and not overly bright pink. Neon kind, yes, still it is lovely if you tone down the rest of the cosmetics on your face.

le lipgloss

Applied the lipgloss on the lipstick swatch

The two goes well together so if you plan to buy one of the lipstick, do get a lipgloss of almost the same shade.

Will play makeup using these hauls next time! ;)

Their promotion is until 15 June for the Top 3 products!
Find out more on their page.

My First Giveaway

June, half month of this year.

And also my graduating year 2014.

So I wanna do something special on my blog to celebrate this month.

Why not my First Giveaway?!

By giving out ONE of the Top 3 Bourjois product for the lucky winner?

Fill up the Rafflecopter below and leave your comments, Lovelies!
Please note that this is only open to Malaysian readers.

Oh, Rafflecopter ends on 
Monday 30 June 2014. (EXTENDED)

May your lucky star shine on you~

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks for reading.


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18 reads

  1. If can...i ant it all. But since i only can have 1...i want boujois Little Round Pot Blush!

    I love to see my face in pink pink! The packaging is so cute!

    Choose me Choose me!

  2. I would love to win the Healthy Mix Foundation because it's been raved by so many bloggers and customers ever since I've heard of the brand! <3 If people half a world away are raving about it, I'm sure there must be something special about it. :P

    (Not sure what shade I am for the foundation, actually. LOLOL)

  3. I would like to win Lipstick because i want to have the colour shade of lipstick of this colour

  4. I would like to win a Little Round Pot Blush, so that I can create those cute healthy-looking pink cheeks!

  5. I would love to win the Little Round Pot blusher in shade 41 Healthy Mix as I am a newbie in wearing blushers so by winning it can be a motivation to me to start learning how to perfectly wear blushers, and this Little Round Pot blusher is free from paraben so it will definitely do good to my skin ^_^

    Name : Mieza Everdeen
    email :

  6. I would love to win little round pot in 42 Rose Venitien. I have heard a lots of good review on their cream blusher. Love how they last long and still show the shine on light application. Hope that it is right for me!

    Name: Heng E Jinq

  7. I love to have that Little Round Pot Blusher because I heard this brand is famous for it's blusher. I'm not a big fan of, who know this pretty blusher would change my preferences on makeup products!

    Name : Farah Aziz

  8. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher for the product is comparable to its sister, Chanel. The shade 'Cendre de Rose Brune' 48 is a vintage - more the reasons for a blush fiend like me to own it. IT'S A MUST HAVE.

    So, please pick me!

    NAME: WAN NURUL JANNAH BINTI MD ISA (a.k.a Le Blush Fiend #1)


  9. I would like to win a Little Round Pot Blush because i want to look pinky with the blush to create a cute girl look~


  10. Hello! I really hope to win Little Round Pot Blush because I don't have a nice blusher now :( I seriouslyyyyyyyy need a good blusher to make myself look radiant and healthier! Some more a blusher can make one looks younger and cuter! (Aishhh I'm getting older so I need the help of blusher to bring back my youth and cuteness wahahaha!)Really hope that I can win from you in this giveaway!

    Thank you for having this awesome giveaway yo~

    Princess Neverland

  11. I would like to win a Little Round Pot Blush in shade 48 - cendre de rose brune because I've never own a baked blush before & receiving a blush brand from Bourjois would totally make my day!
    With all the great reviews on how awesome is this blush makes me want to own one too!
    Also heard that it smells like rose too! 2 in 1 benefit, cantik & wangi kat muka! =)

    Name: Nadia Shahrel

  12. Which one would I pick? It's either the lipstick or the blusher, but I am definitely more to the Little Round Pot Blush! Would love to get it in the shade 48 - cendre de rose brune :) first off, this is one type of blusher I have never owned yet so its a must for sure!

    Name: Syazasuhana

  13. I would love to try out the Little Round Pot Blush in any colour, first off i never get chance to grab on it yet. :( and the raves going on about it just makes me wanna try em even more on different look with the gorgeous shades for a flushed rosy or sun kissed cheeks.

    Name : Nurul Hafizah
    Email :

  14. Pshhhh it's a secret ...I heard that Healthy Mix Foundation is a great foundation and it will make me look hot as a hot selling of this product . Let me pretending to be a France lady with this foundation please<3 <3. Moreover, I can't find BOurjois outlet in Penang. :(

    Name: Noor Atiqah @Miss Ika

  15. Hi dear! Congrats and Thank you for your giveaway! :D

    i would love to win the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in a pinkish/ coral shade cos I am an absolute lip junkie!! I have tried the Healthy Foundation Mix and I love it so much, I don't see a reason why I should not try the lipstick too! Can't wait to have a Bourjois-makeup day hehe. Thank you! :)

    Name: Carinn Tan

  16. Hello Julianna! lol ;)
    Congratulations on you first giveaway!
    If i happen to be the lucky one, i would love to try out the blusher, in any shade i don't mind. Why? Well, to be honest, actually its simply because my blusher is running low LOL and im still searching for a good one.
    Anyway, congrats again :)

    Julianna Chan

  17. Awesome giveaway, thank you so much for the chance!
    I would love to win 'Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation'[in shade 53] because of these 5 reasons;

    - THE RAVES. I've only heard good things about this foundation and would love to get my hands on this. I've always wanted this for the longest time! hashtag #flawlessskin

    - BONJOUR. I don't own anything yet from Bonjour!So this would give me a chance to try out one of the well talked about and loved product. Glad they finally open a store in Malaysia, and I hope they will open one in Malacca too!

    - NEWBIE. I just recently became obsessed with make-up products in general. Still new and still discovering O_O. So this would be a welcome addition to my make up bag!

    - SAD LIFE OF IEYRA (a.k.a me,lol). I never won a giveaway before, but it would be cool if I were to win one from you! *pick me* *puppy eyes*

    - *HIGH-FIVE* Congrats on your graduation! I graduated this year too!/coughs graduation present, coughs/ heheh.

    Good Luck everyone,\O//
    Name : Munirah Hashim (Ieyra H.)
    Email :

  18. I would love to win Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. never try Bourjois..thank you for the giveaway

    Name: Wong Ming Min


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