Beauty Review: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

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I bought this last month with another Tony Moly product, will review that one later.

Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

Function: To freshen up the skin for softer and brighter skin, also can act as moisturizer or keeps make up in place. Great for dry skin.

Price: RM39.90
Amount: 60ml
Made in Korea

Product pictures
The cute packaging pulled my heartstrings, must get this bunny!

The size is travel friendly. Definitely will put this in my holiday bag. :)

Seal sticker so you know its never open yet.

The information on the back is in Korea. Haha, obviously le.

The spray nozzle.

I have been spraying it because of the air-conditioner in the office making my skin feel dry. It works great, my skin feels hydrated and smells lovely as well. With the price, its affordable. Soft pink lover will love its colour. Cutesy bunny packaging fits with people who loves cute stuff and bunnies. Especially how the product has bunny ears, a petite bow and those blushing cheeks... 

P.S: Having this on my desk makes me have the desire to decorate my desk. Seriously, it deserves a pink backdrop, some lace, some ribbons etc. so that it fits perfectly with that desk environment. Wait til I get a job then my desk is definitely getting a makeover. Nothing wrong with that, right? O:-)

Rating: 9/10

Repurchase: Absolutely yes!!!

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  1. I bought this last year, and I admit it was partly the packaging that sold me. I love the scent though, and I find it useful for taking my nail polish NOTD shots. XD


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