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Before I drive to my blogger event, I want to update on my life this week.

Sorry no pictures, I'm more of a word-person.

Last week was my first experience at a property management site. This week is my second and last, at a residential type.

Being able to experience different departments is fun and amusing because the environment and tasks are, of course, different than the other departments. So far, I have done two other departments. Next week, I hope to start with a new department then to maintain in one which I find suits what I'm searching for.

How am I this week?

Last Thursday, I had an enjoyable dinner. It's true when you have great company, time flies without you noticing. I don't mind being a listener, I find it somehow fulfilling because I'm helping a friend to voice out their emotions. Pent-up emotions can actually kill someone. 

I'm still learning though. I just need to get rid of prejudice and to give people chances, instead of categorizing them into my pre-determined groups. That's my weakness and I know someday, I would lose out a lot if I don't overcome it.

Next is to actually understand when I've had enough. To give myself an opportunity to grow out instead of sticking to something which obviously doesn't help in my development as a human. 

I'm being philosophy, right?

Okay, cutting it here. Going to drive to my event now. I'm enjoying going out and meeting people. For networking, it's great for my career. For myself, it keeps me sane. 

Thank you for this life. Bitter or sweet, I'll shoulder on.

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