The Butterfly Project's First Anniversary + Lasertag Challenge @ecurve Damansara

7:00 AM


I told you guys that I was driving to my blogger's event right? Here's what happened that day!

-Saturday, 10th May 2014-

The registration for the event started at 10.30AM. I arrived there around that time, happily parked my car, though slightly not perfect as you can see.

A12, Floor LG. 

I lost my sense of direction after the game. Pfft. Totally forgot what floor it was after I paid the parking ticket. Acting unabashed, I just walked as fast as I could once I remembered where it was.


The welcoming board outside

The private room for our use that day

The entrance to the arena

From outside it actually doesn't look big. Wait til you go in. It seems longer. This is at the ecurve branch.

Our breakfast and refreshment of the day, courtesy of Laser Warzone.

What I took to fill up my energy gauge. I especially missed the pulut panggang (grilled glutinous rice). This one had sambal in it.

Let's move on to the game. Partly because I'm making myself hungry right now...

Rules of the game
Pic credit: Laser Warzone

Look how focused everyone was listening to how to play the game and scoring.

The Lasertag Vest

Those white guns dangling from the Vest? Lasertag Gun. Use it to aim and shoot. You need to cover the thermal sensor at the front bottom though or you can't shoot. They said it was to prevent you from actually holding onto someone and shooting them. Oh the Gun has a display where you can see your code name of the day. 

Also who you shot and who shot you on what. I didn't pay attention to that though...

Hit this on the front and you score 50. Hit the big one on the back and you score 100.

There's a restart time. 5 seconds. You got shot and your Vest goes white. During this 5 seconds, you can't shoot anyone and anyone shooting you will not get any points.

Pic credit: Laser Warzone

Some pictures of inside:

Dark? Not really but yeah, you can't see the faces of your comrades clearly. My tip: Go ahead and shoot anyone then say sorry if your team... Just kidding.

Medals and a trophy for the winners:

Pic credit: Laser Warzone

My team of the day- Laserfly
Pic credit: Laser Warzone

For the Lasertag Challenge, we were divided into four teams: Team Athena, Team Huntress, Team Mulan and Team Laserfly. Then each group was assigned a colour during the game. 

For the first game, two teams went in first, Blue or Green. The first round was a Free-for-all for us to familiarize with the Gun and the arena. You can shoot anyone, regardless of teams. After that, the fun challenge started.

Watching the CCTV in the private room was both bewitching and suspense. Then looking at the scoreboard. 

The scores just made me want to play. Somehow, awaken my inner competitive spirit. Quite appropriately too.

So how did it went? My two friends actually thought it was funny that I'd actually... Pffft. 

Fourth: Team Mulan
Third: Team Huntress
Second: Team Athena
First: Team Laserfly

Proof of my sweaty face

The Champion's medal

Oh, I was in Team Laserfly. I know I told you already. I totally put myself into the game and went all out to shoot. 

The first game, I was given code name Skipper. I sucked so bad in that round. I didn't understand how to shoot. Seeing the scores later, I was miffed. No way I'm going home with that level! 

Second game, I was Dodger. I redeemed myself!! Scored the highest with great teamwork Zhi Xin. We managed to secure our position and shot the Blue Team. 

Third and last game, I was Proton. We couldn't take our position this time and we were scattered. By the way, Team Laserfly was Team Green for all three games. Must be our affinity or what.

After the award ceremony, time to celebrate The Butterfly Project's First Anniversary!

First Anniversary cake prepared by Ask Joey- The Sweetest Party

Conclusion of the event:

It was such a fun-filled event with sweats and muscle pain later. Thanks so much to The Butterfly Project for this event! Everyone had so much fun that day. Too bad the SWAT team and Tammy can't play though. Next time, you guys must join as well! I'm sure many of us wants to shoot you. :P

The first time I drove to ecurve Damansara and to actually win this Lasertag Challenge with Team Laserfly! Not to mention, when I drove back, the radio suddenly played 'We are the Champion'. 

Coincidence? Guess I was lucky.

Thanks for reading. Do check out the links below and if you have team building events or birthday functions, I suggest you try Laser Warzone!

Laser Warzone links:

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