TBP's Chapter 11: Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions Review

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I received not one, not two... FOUR! Enchanteur Body Lotions from The Butterfly Project to review. Been using them alternatively or daily based on their uses/benefits.

The four body lotions

Body  lotion is lighter in texture than gel or body creams. This is because of their function to help smooth, re-hydrate and soften the skin. So body lotion should be easy to absorb into the skin. There are two based body lotions: oil-in-water or water-in-oil. 

Ideally, you should use the lotion after a shower to lock in moisture into your skin. This also prevents the skin from losing water quickly. 

Summarized from here.

For Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions, they are water-based lotions.

Phew, I scored some health sites to find the above information for this post. Interesting how much articles have been written and honestly there is no right or wrong so far. Both oil-based and water-based are good, depending on what you need each for.

With advances in technology, body lotions now have the ingredients to protect against sun damage, whiten the skin and the smell? Just oh so lovely!

Well, enough about that. You would want to know what the four Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions are.

Enchanteur Paris 'Light & Fresh' Body Lotion
This gives you fair, fresh and moisturized skin. It is non-sticky and non-greasy.

Enhanced with UV protection (against harmful sun rays), Licorice Concentrate (prevents dark pigmentation), plus Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrates (deeply moisturizes the skin).

This is the best for outdoor as the scent is so fresh and uplifting. The scent is Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie.

Enchanteur Paris 'Triple Whitening' Body Lotion
This lotion gives you fair and radiant skin.

It has 3 main whitening ingredients: Vitamin B3 (prevents pigmentation), Sakura Concentrate (even out skin tone) and Licorice Concentrate (prevents formation of dark pigmentation due to UV rays exposure).

This can be used for all skin types.

The scent of this body lotion is Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour.

Enchanteur Paris 'All-in-One Whitening' Body Lotion
This gives you fair beautiful soft skin, all in one lotion.

It has SPF 24++ (protect against UVA and UVB), Licorice Concentrate (whiten and even out skin tone) and Hyaluronic Hydration (24 hours hydration).

Suitable for all skin types, it has the scent of one of Enchanteur Paris perfumes.

Enchanteur Paris 'Firm & Repair' Body Lotion
It gives you healthy, supple and youthful looking skin.

It has Micro Collagen (strengthen and firms up skin) and Swiss Edelweiss (protects against free radicals and repair damaged skin overnight).

It is suitable for all skin types and has the scent of Enchanteur Paris Adore.


I have tried out all four body lotions and the reviews are not arranged top bottom of which I liked most. Read on until the end to know which I loved the most out of these four. 

The 'Firm & Repair' body lotion is applied at night after showers. I find the smell quite strong for me so I didn't apply it as often. 

The effect after application is great though. I woke up feeling relaxed and my skin was smooth to the touch. The scent is supposed to help me relax as I sleep. Not sure about that but I did woke up feeling fresh.

My rating: 7/10

'Triple Whitening' body lotion has a similar scent to 'Firm & Repair' so yeah, I was reluctant to apply it often. I did applied it before heading out for my internship in the mornings.

My skin felt hydrated and not as dry out as usual which is when I'm so lazy and skip this lotion ritual

For the whitening effect and even out skin tone, I did noticed my elbow those dark patches on those elbows, really obvious dry there, becoming lighter and more moisturized.

My rating: 8/10

'All-in-One Whitening' body lotion is a huge competitor to the other four. The scent is great, not overpowering and I just took a sniff of it again. :D

I applied this alternatively with the 'Triple Whitening'. In terms of effect, it has more less the same. 

But because the scent is lovelier than the other, this one got me to apply it more frequently. I can see the amount left in the bottle!

My rating: 9/10

Hold on! 'All-in-One Whitening' body lotion only got 9/10 for my rating?

Because there is this last body lotion, that won me completely with its scent.

The 'Light &  Fresh' body lotion!

I love it so much that I brought it to the office and left it there so I would never forget to bring it. :D
P.S: Which is why I don't have another picture of it. You could check out my Instagram for another picture of it.

The scent is so fresh and captivating that I would apply it before heading out to lunch. Then after lunch, I would apply it again. It even helps to keep me awake if I feel sleepy. My hands feel moisturized too after braving the hot sun to get lunch outside the office.

Maybe I should check out the EDT Mon Amie because I like the scent so much... Just maybe. :P

Hope you have fun reading and let me know what body lotions are you using now.


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