Infographic: Future of Smartphones

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Before I rest early tonight, having a minor flu. Tomorrow should be fine, hopefully Saturday I am well for a blogger event. :)

I received an interesting info graphic yesterday.

Technologies now advance rapidly. Imagine the phones used in the 80s and the phones used now.

The brick cell phone

I actually remembered playing my grandfather's one. Well, I kind of 'dismantle' it. Heh, I am a curious kid.

Now we have watches that can connect to our smartphones.

Samsung Gear

Just how far will this gadget change?

We might even only carry a headphone which works as a phone then displays the screen in front of us.

... On second thought, driving would be more tempting like that. Unless there's an alarm installed to warn us that the headphones is still on our head.

Here is the info graphic:
*I tried X-Large, still small so why not the original size right? :P
The camouflage phone?
I. Want. That.
It's not the case of hiding. But I really dislike people looking over my shoulder. >.<
Thanks for reading. Tell me how you would like the future smartphones to be.
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